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Local Token Exchange is one of the first truly decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges that is offering up an ICO of their own. This innovative model will give traders the perfect space to transact the vast majority of their trades, whilst allowing them to participate in the success of Local Token Exchange’s business with regular dividends for token holders.

Malaga, Spain – Sept 3rd 2018, Local Token Exchange has made headlines once again with the announcement that they will be extending their ICO’s 10% bonus period by 30 days and expect to close on September 30th 2018. This is welcoming news for investors that have been eyeing the highly anticipated LTE ICO. Participants in the LTE ICO will receive 70% of the exchange’s profits, which will be distributed based on total amount of tokens owned. This could prove to be a very lucrative opportunity for early adopters of this Initial Coin Offering.

LTE, unlike other exchanges, will be owned and governed by its members, making it the first exchange that will be run by the people, for the people. Local Token Exchange is expected to gain quite a market share in the Cryptocurrency exchange industry as the platform that they are introducing has many benefits and features that make it unique and include:

  1. The possibility to trade a comprehensive range of cryptocurrencies
  2. Combined with the deep liquidity normally offered only in centralized exchanges
  3. Fast and easy KYC/AML verification process
  4. Transparency
  5. Pays regular dividends
  6. Support future cryptocurrencies by allowing ICO airdrops

The present-day team at Local Token Exchange consists of the brightest minds in the Finance and Blockchain industries, with Conor O’ Conner, LTE’s CEO leading the way. He was recently quoted in an interview as saying, “Given the success of other P2P exchanges such as LocalBitcoins and Xcoins, we plan to capitalize on the growth of the market opportunity that exists for a multi-coin P2P decentralized exchange.” He went on to say, “By harnessing the free market aspects of the Peer-to-Peer model and enhancing with the liquidity from centralized exchanges, Local Token Exchange will become a force in the cryptocurrency exchange space.”

There is currently a 10% bonus period for new participants. The LTE token is available at a cost of 1 ETH for 2286 LTE tokens and can be purchased at https://ico.localtoken.exchange.

To learn more about the LTE ICO or business model, visit their official website at https://localtoken.exchange for more information.

Their White Paper can be downloaded at https://localtokenexchange.com/LTE-white-paper.pdf

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