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YuTü.Co.in is a novel platform dedicated to bringing monetization back to YouTubers via cryptocurrency. 

Cheyenne, WY, September 22, 2018, YuTu.Co.in sent shockwaves through the world of video monetization on YouTube with the launch of their ICO introducing a new paradigm in video monetization. Due to YouTube’s recent placement of restrictions on their partnership program and monetization policy, 99% of all YouTube channels now find themselves no longer eligible for monetization. YuTü.Co.in offers YouTube channel managers a new revenue stream by allowing them to “crypto-commoditize” their YouTube channel, creating their very own digital currency token for them. These coins can be traded for an Ethereum token, named YuTüCoin (YTC), on their in-house exchange, which can then be traded at any number of outside exchanges for ETH, BTC and whatever other pairings are available.

In addition to providing a new source of funds for YouTubers, they also allow the opportunity for fans to show their support by purchasing the coin(s) of their favorite YouTuber(s), or even mine the coins directly. Thus, anyone can “invest” in a coin that represents a YouTube channel brand and trade it on a free market exchange. In addition to the above, they provide all participating channel managers with their own page on the YuTü.Co.in platform which they can use to sell merchandise, communicate with their fans and host any content of their choice.

Introducing YuTü.Co.in, the brand under the auspices of YuTübopolis, Inc., having its own native token duly dubbed YuTüCoin (YTC), destined to trade on legacy crypto exchanges. One of YTC’s underlying utilities is facilitating funds in and out of a novel exchange – YTC-Sox (YuTü. Co.in-Social Exchange) – where crypto-commodity tokens pegged to channels of opted-in YouTubers are traded, each assigned a unique TicSym (Ticker Symbol). With YuTü.Co.in, YouTube producers can be incentively rewarded in a decentralized manner formerly unachievable. Simultaneously on the same platform, supportive fans can readily purchase shares of their favorite YouTube channels directly from respective YouTubers, identified as Lynspinz.

During a recent interview, Bruno Kucinskas, founder of YuTü.Co.in, was asked how YuTü.Co.in differentiates from the dozen-plus crypto-based startups appealing to YouTubers and publishers on other video-sharing sites. He commented, “They all fundamentally have one thing in common – upload videos to their undertakings where fans must pay with its newfangled cryptos in order to play selections. This is not the case with YuTü.Co.in. We allow YouTubers the freedom to upload solely on YouTube or link to their videos migrated elsewhere as we provide resources pro bono so they can continuously enhance their channel brands.”

Further deviating from the norm, YuTü.Co.in presents two avenues for supporters to participate in their ICO which is now live: purchase YuTüCoin (YTC) tokens or PAQs (virtual miners), both deemed likely to be highly profitable offerings.

YuTüCoin (YTC) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token, its dynamic rate outside the control of YuTü.Co.in while trading on multiple crypto exchanges. YTC’s other principal utility is conducting commerce across YuTü.Co.in’s platforms.

The initial creation of 250 million (250M) YTC enables its hoard of hodlers enough mintage for trading on YTC-Sox or purchasing services and wares on YuTü.Co.in. Distribution of YTC upon the close of its ICO inherently mirrors that of respected crypto-based entities, the schedule found here and in YuTü.Co.in’s white paper.

Follow the links to learn more about re-monetizing YouTube channels through crypto-commoditization, getting whitelisted, and how to participate in YuTü.Co.in’s lucrative ICO that is now underway, and runs until October 13, 2018.

For complete information, please visit: https://yutubopolis.com/

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