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Copenhagen, Denmark, October 11, 2018, LIST101 is a new social media platform and the latest industry disruption by Robert Hintze, creator of the renown dating phenomenon BeautifulPeople.com that he guided to a global media sensation and international franchise with millions of users.

Along with a group of 13 investors, Hintze has assembled a team of industry professionals and successfully launched the LIST101 beta in Denmark.

LIST101 provides the public with a social influence and popularity score, shares profits with users, allows free exchange of ideas and rewards both content creators and content viewers with income. The differences between LIST101 and other social media platforms are many and readily apparent once a user engages on the app.

Time for a paradigm shift: 

Complaints from Facebook users continue growing in response to data misuse and profiteering, earning the company more than $15 billion in 2017 alone.

Facebook exploits users by:

  • Displaying targeted ads
  • Selling private user data
  • Influencing public opinion through content censorship
  • Cherry picking news that fits Facebook’s own agenda

LIST101 takes a refreshingly generous and privacy-oriented approach compared to centralized Facebook by sharing profits 50% with users and maintaining a hands-off stance regarding user censorship. It also offers interesting added features including a social influence and popularity score based on a democratized rating system.

Hintze’s team is taking direct aim at today’s social media giants. As he explains:

“By tapping into the heart of social media pop culture, LIST101 challenges Behemoth in its own arena. The app allows users to engage in a fun and democratized game of real-life popularity and influence, while at the same time being able to monetize activity in a decentralized and secure environment.”

Blockchain technology: 

More than 50.000 development hours have been put into LIST101’s beta app. The app has already attracted thousands of users in Denmark allowing the development team to hone the app’s features, improve the UI, and continue closing the gap between it and the legacy majors. The key to many of the apps’ features will stem from using blockchain technology through the platform’s cryptocurrency, the AMINGO – an equity and utility token.

AMINGO will give investors direct ownership and serve as a currency linking users, advertisers, merchants, and content creators. Plans for AMINGO include fiat currency conversion, utility for earning discounts with merchants, gaining rewards by creating, curating, and viewing content, plus securing the platform.

Through an ICO/STO this decentralized and profit-sharing alternative to the aging paradigm provides a chance for visionary investors to help deliver the social media experience of tomorrow.

The ICO/STO for LIST101 launches on October 15th, 2018 at:



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