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As the world struggles to save the climate, the question is – can it be done better? Transkinect, a Singapore-based energy company discovered that it can be done twice as good with the new renewables tech, ready to disrupt the global market.

Singapore, February 7, 2019, Gravity and centrifugal force offer just the shift the renewables industry needed, with unprecedented efficiency rates and equal availability globally 24/7. A must-have for any sustainable energy project, the new tech doubles the efficiency or reduces required input for any electrical or mechanical energy source, including power generators run by oil or gas. Meanwhile, the major aim is to help renewables spread faster and unleash their full potential.

At the heart of this technology lies maximizing the collection of the energy of gravity and centrifugal force, or using them to multiply energy from other sources. Two years of lab tests led to a consistent improvement of the electric motor efficiency by an impressive 203%, and this is just the start.

The tech was developed by the company R&D department together with local universities including NUS, NTU, SIMTech and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), who are its long-term partners.       

Transkinect was founded just five years ago but has already been backed by government funding and rolled out its flagship innovation, Movnetic, which harnesses the energy of vehicular movement to generate clean and cost-effective electricity. The new tech is its next big step, with focus on building power generators of 10-100 KW capacity for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

During a recent interview, Transkinect founder, Ihab Seidy, shared his thoughts on the discovery:

“The simple fact that solar and wind can double their output shows that solving climate change is really possible. A “win-win” solution for producers and consumers, the tech will help policymakers bring renewables to new heights. Just Imagine the current global renewables capacity of 2200 GW doubling and the transition to a post-carbon world happening twice as fast. Our new technology is also a much more stable power source, performing equally well under any weather conditions anywhere on Earth”.

Starting from Taiwan, Transkinect is currently expanding into Asia with plans to scale up globally. The country is a great fit for the new tech, as it imports 97% of its energy while pushing for a sustainable energy transition by shutting down nuclear plants and committing to increase the renewables share to 20% by 2025. With the help of new tech, Taiwan can top that with 40% renewables or achieve its targets with much less effort. Thus, this tech is a perfect solution for countries switching to renewables and aiming for energy security.

Transkinect is currently finalizing the Patents and will soon start licensing deals globally, helping to speed up the transition to a more sustainable and clean future. The company reports that there will be a major presentation at the Energy Science & Technology Conference, July 11-14, 2019,  at Coeur d’Alene, ID, USA. www.energyscienceconference.com

For complete information on this new technology, visit:  http://transkinect.com

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