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EZBilling360 celebrates launch with Free 30-Day Trial and up to $25 off monthly subscription. Try it and learn how this second-generation Cloud Based Invoicing and Business Management Solution makes running a service-based business easy. Simplifies tasks like Billing, Tracking sales and employee productivity and offers collaboration options that all help manage and improve profitability. 

East Brunswick, New Jersey, February 11, 2019, The days of hand-written ledgers to keep track of business management are thankfully long gone. As the Internet ushered in the Digital Age, a deluge of software options appeared that promised to make running a business an easy task. Some offered help while others were not able to deliver. EZBilling360 was quietly working in the background with a team of software specialists to develop the next generation of Invoicing and Business Management Solutions, but this platform is based in the Cloud.

It is no longer necessary for a company to expend large sums of money to purchase a top-shelf accounting and invoicing software program and take up a lot of computer space. Working in the Cloud with a “Software-As-A-Service” platform, aka SaaS, also means that extra IT personnel are not needed. Small business owners needed to free themselves of the mundane tasks involved with invoicing, getting paid, and the concomitant follow-ups so they can dedicate their valuable time to making money, and keeping more of it.

The success of EZBilling360’s new cloud-based platform is assured after the results of Beta Testing. Users were so delighted that they could not wait to get their hands on the final version. Since the launch, user testimonials have been excellent. Take a look at what Jerry N., a Verified User and an Entrepreneur has to say: “Highly recommended! I LOVE the dashboard. Incredibly helpful in growing my business. I now can easily see my Accounts receivables, where I’m making and losing money and know if my employees are carrying their weight. Priceless!”

EZBilling360 employs a unique Interactive Dashboard model that enables users to take action in real-time, providing huge benefits, like:

  • Summaries of expenses show which expenses you invest in most and compares to others. 
  • See which clients are your top performers by revenue earned. 
  • Revenue analysis compare and contrast your best and worst revenue producers so you can shift time and resources where needed. 
  • Charts graph your revenue over time to see what’s making you money and what’s remaining stagnant. 
  • Employee productivity widgets showcase how well your employees are producing based on revenue and tickets closed. 
  • See total amounts of open invoices, amounts due and how long they haven’t been paid. Ticket/Work Orders are divided by severity and totals open in the system.

Here are but a few of the features and benefits of this great new SaaS Platform:

  • Get Paid Faster: Automated billing with full integration and convenience of PayPal, Authorize.NET and STRIPE makes getting paid simple, convenient and faster.
  • Painless Invoicing: Create Instant invoices in 30 seconds or less and automatically send out monthly invoices to clients with one of the professional templates.
  • Automatic Reminders: Automatically email clients notifying them of outstanding invoices and balances. Set the schedule and frequency and let EZBilling360 do the follow-ups.
  • Payment Tracking: Instantly see all of your clients outstanding balances and payments. Know which clients viewed/opened their invoice, including the Date + Time and Amounts.
  • More Control: Simple Charts and Graphs showcase sales and employee productivity. Know where you are, what needs improvements and make intelligent decisions.
  • Save Hours of Time: Intuitive design, built-in billing and payment automation, context sensitive instant access to client information, will save a lot of time and money.

As if this wasn’t enough, a powerful Client Portal enables clients to view and manage their entire account, including paying for their invoices via PayPal, Authorize.NET or STRIPE, viewing all outstanding invoices and balances while seeing payment history and methods.

Be sure to get complete information by visiting: https://ezbilling360.com/

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