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Ranked the Top Robotic Process Automation training focused exclusively on Blue Prism. Each of their training courses are led by accredited experts who are not just great instructors, they have an enormous amount of real-world experience. 

Barrington, Illinois, February 19, 2019, nBotix, Inc., was pleased to announce the launch of their Blue Prism Training Boot Camps in both Florida and Chicago. The company continues to dominate in the area of Robotic Process Automation training focused exclusively on Blue Prism. They have cemented their position as leaders in this field by using instructors that have spent years in Robotic Process Automation across many different businesses and aren’t just experts in Blue Prism and Process Automation, they are experts at implementing what they teach.

At nBotix, it’s all about enabling their customers to build a successful Digital Workforce for Intelligent Automation. This is accomplished by offering the most complete selection of relevant coursework. Clients look to nBotix for:

  • Blue Prism Developer Fundamentals
  • Blue Prism Advanced Developer
  • Blue Prism Control Room and Operations Management
  • Automation Program and Project Management
  • Robotic Operating Model (ROM)                         

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained: “We believe that the key is to successfully enable people with meaningful and real-world training, provide them with the right tools and Licensing and supporting customers with Consulting and being a partner in the implementation.” He goes on to say: “We partner with our customers to explore the right options for licensing of Blue Prism for their immediate needs and help plan for the road-map of growth in the future.”

How nBotix is transforming business processes and reducing costs:

  • Licensing: The top licensing partner from start through enterprise adoption. From designing, installing, expanding and supporting, they are a true licensing partner for any Blue Prism digital workforce.
  • Consulting / Implementation: They meet clients where their needs are. Their large team of accredited developers, architects, project managers and COE consultants offer turn-key solutions, augment gaps in expertise and partner with clients’ digital automation journeys.
  • Training: Providing global training exclusively on Blue Prism. Custom on-site training or learn at one of their training locations. Courses include training for developers, advanced developers, Operations / Control Room and Project Management.

It is easy to see what sets nBotix apart from other companies in this specialized training field.

  • Seasoned Experience: Over 20 years of providing solutions for Mid-Sized and Enterprise customers.
  • Significant Team Industry Experience: Includes Insurance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Financial, Government, Transportation, Food & Beverage and Real Estate.
  • Automation Experience: Across over 10 industry verticals and technology stacks.

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