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Detroit, Michigan – March 14th 2019, As the Detroit area continues to rebuild, one company hopes to help make it easier for consumers to do just that. Bloomfield Hills based private equity firm, Omand-Stefanopoulos, has backed a venture this week between two landscaping companies to form Paesaggio, a hub that satisfies landscaping needs for both commercial and residential properties.

Amidst challenges in their respective markets, Omand-Stefanopoulos sought to unify the two companies, Neighborhood Landscapes and District Landscapes. “It just made sense. Neighborhood has never serviced a commercial property and District has never serviced a home. The companies have been strategic partners for a number of years but their focus on specific markets was limiting growth.” says Omand-Stefanopoulos CEO, William Omand, ”By creating a new, cohesive brand with refreshed management, we can provide a more streamlined customer experience”.

With Paesaggio, residential and commercial customers alike can find design and build services, ongoing maintenance plans, as well as links and information for other seasonal services like snow removal. Omand hopes to make an impact on the community, stating, “Paesaggio represents a new level of customer experience that is often not seen with competitors.” Omand-Stefanopoulos plans for the new venture to offer a similar catalog of services as Neighborhood and District, just re-thought and re-packaged. Their vision for the brand goes further than landscaping. “With two great companies joining forces, we have an opportunity to create a new lane in a highly competitive industry.”

Paesaggio hopes to streamline the process of property management and provide new ways for their customers to handle outdoor work. “It’s more than just landscaping. It’s about taking the industry further, setting higher standards, and enriching lives in the process.” With one hub for everything, Paesaggio makes a strong case to any client with both residential and commercial needs. “As a team, we can cross-sell services more efficiently and ultimately provide better service, which saves our clients both time and money.” says Omand.

To learn about Paesaggio, visit their official website at http://www.paesaggio.co/ or simply click here. To learn about Omand-Stefanopoulos, visit them at http://www.omandstefanopoulos.com

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