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This delightful Children’s Book teaches through conversation how friends get to know one another and ultimately how they treat each other.

Queens, New York, March 26, 2019, There are many Children’s Books being published on a frequent basis, but once in a while there appears a new book that really sends a message. Anjinette Hudson’s newly release book entitled “You Have an Abuela, Too?” is just such a book. Parents will be delighted to have this book in their child’s book collection.

Early reviews have been extremely positive and readers state that they felt as if they were sitting in a room with the Author as she read her story. The book centers in and around friendship, as the author aims to teach kids and other such readers the true essence of friendship. Anji’s debut children’s book uses a unique approach by teaching readers through conversation how friends get to know one another and ultimately how they treat each other. “You have an abuela, too?” chronicles how two young girls transited from strangers to becoming good friends within a day at the park.

During a recent interview, Anjinette Hudson made these comments: “Children’s books and juvenile literature as a whole have been discovered as amazing tools for shaping the minds of young readers as they grow. This is particularly true as they help to teach readers true life lessons in a subtle and somewhat entertaining way from a tender age. This is what I have attempted to do through the creative use of just the right words accompanied by beautiful illustrations.”

The paperback version of “You Have an Abuela, Too?” is currently available across several online stores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble allowing readers from all parts of the world to have a piece of the amazing literature with a book tour scheduled to commence soon.

About The Author:

Anjinette Hudson was born a little brown girl in West Palm Beach, Florida in the intense year of 1981. Anjinette Hudson was an awkward yet intelligent child who found comfort in books and words. Through books and poetry as early as elementary school she received confidence through the worlds and words of Langston Hughes, Sonia Sanchez, Judy Blume, Maya Angelou, June Jordan, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and so many more. Although, the author is no longer a child at the age of 38 currently she resides in Queens, NY. She wants to share characters, friends, and stories that will engage and comfort a new generation of creatives, readers, friends, and leaders.

Complete information about Anji’s engaging new book can be found at: https://www.authoranji.com/

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