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No, we are not talking about marijuana here. CBD Flower is a non-psychoactive pain reliever, derived from the hemp plant. Although CBD has been legal for many years, it is just coming to the forefront now as a leader in the treatment of a multitude of medical conditions.

Beverly Hills, California – April 1st 2019, DrGanja.com has made global headlines today with the announcement of a new product line that is said to be better than any others on the CBD market. This could be a Godsend for those in pain, as DrGanja.com touts a new product line of CBD smokable premium flower/bud that is fully tested for impurities. This means it may soon be time to toke up for good health.

Not to be confused with THC, Dr. Ganja likes to be abundantly clear, it is CBD, which means there is no “high” that will be experienced after taking this bud. However, many CBD patients claim that their pain levels have been significantly reduced after using CBD Flower. CBD Flower has also been used to treat chronic pain syndromes, headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, and the list goes on.

DrGanja.com is an online website that essentially has the biggest collection of quality and vetted CBD products and brands. Dr. Ganja also has the largest collection of CBD Flower, which is the main reason most CBD Connoisseur’s use Dr. Ganja for their CBD needs. Other than CBD Flower, Dr. Ganja also sells many more favorites including CBD Edibles, CBD Syrups, CBD for pets, CBD beauty products and more.

During a recent press event, the company spokesperson for DrGanja.com was quoted as saying, “We are very proud to have accumulated one of the very best collections of CBD products as compared to anyone else. All of our products are hand-picked are tested for pesticides, cannabinoids and terpenes. We would never sacrifice our customers heath to make an extra buck. Making sure our products are free and clear of impurities and chemicals is worth every dime to us”.

In recent news out of Florida, a local retailer was selling CBD products when the police stormed in thinking it was marijuana. Upon further inspection, the police realized the mistake they had made. Instead of leaving with a criminal they left with a bag full of CBD essentials for their pain management. This just goes to show you, although sometimes taboo, CBD is completely legal and is used by a wide array of people.

To learn more about DrGanja.com or their new product line of Premium CBD Flower, visit their official website at https://www.drganja.com

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