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The about half of Americans who own a pet understand how important it is to have a Vet nearby for those unforeseen pet emergencies. Thanks to the new KwikVet App, residents of Los Angeles, Dallas, DC and NYC can now order up a Veterinarian in the comfort of their own home. This is just what the Doctor ordered.

Washington, DC – April 8th, 2019, KwikVet has made headlines this week as they announce the launch of an immediate veterinary housecall service that has never been offered before. Using the KwikVet App pet parents can now book an immediate home visit from qualified Veterinary professionals equipped with tests and meds to solve all veterinary issues except surgery and life-threatening emergencies. The KwikVet service is available 7 days a week, day or night.

The KwikVet App is currently available in LA, Dallas, DC and NYC, with plans to roll out service in the top 20 metro areas within the next 12 months. KwikVet is intended to reduce the stress and cost associated with the all too common veterinary experience nightmare. Powered by the same type of on-demand technology that has propelled Uber’s success, KwikVet allows pet parents to immediately get a fully licensed veterinarian in their house to provide a “nose-to-tail” checkup for their precious cat or dog.

KwikVet’s veterinary house calls are designed to diagnose, prevent, and enhance pets’ health and well-being. KwikVet services include:

  1. Sickness Calls – For whenever a dog or cat is not feeling well and clients want the peace of mind of having a fully licensed KwikVet to immediately diagnose and treat ​their pets at home.
  2. Preventative Calls –  To keep a dog or cat healthy and properly vaccinated, avoiding the suffering and extra cost of preventable conditions.
  3. Wellness Calls – To give a dog or cat a fuller and healthier lifestyle by fostering better eating habits, working on behavior issues, and addressing the special needs of puppies and senior pets.

All calls are priced at a flat $75 fee (any time of the day or night), covering the veterinary house call and the “nose-to-tail” checkup. If needed, KwikVet also provides competitively priced tests, medicines, and supplies, with the peace of mind of knowing that no additional charges will be incurred unless approved by clients during the visit.

KwikVet provides top-quality pet care at an affordable cost, eliminating the need to pay for veterinary facilities that can add up to 40% of a typical veterinary bill and the unnecessary stress of bringing the cat or dog in for treatment. With ever-busier lifestyles, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that about 25 million veterinary visits a year are missed because pet parents just don’t have the time to go to a veterinary clinic when they should.

As it continues to rapidly expand, KwikVet is also looking to select more veterinarians to join their team. Learn more about qualifying to become a KwikVet veterinarian by clicking here.

To learn more about the revolutionary KwikVet App or to book a home visit for a pet in need, download the KwikVet mobile app for Apple iOS at http://bit.ly/2IfKBJS or for Android at http://bit.ly/2uO6pEg or visit their official website to download their app at https://www.kwikvet.com/

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