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Despite years of research and treatment of diabetes, many diabetics still live with high blood sugar levels. In 2012 IM Health launched a unique telehealth diabetes reversal program for employers that integrates both conventional and alternative modalities to create a holistic approach to healing chronic illnesses, thus reducing long term costs.

Hopkinton, MA – April 27th 2019, IM Health has made international headlines this week as they announce the expansion of a new type of value-based healthcare program that employers and groups can offer to their participants. Recently, IM Health was chosen as a finalist for the Health Value Awards by the Validation Institute as a pioneering emerging company in the diabetes telehealth industry. IM Health was selected because of its pioneering of integrative medicine telehealth approach to diabetes reversal and normalizing blood sugars, and offering a trackable Return on Investment (ROI) for health plans.

Whereas most traditional diabetes management programs are focused on “medication compliance” or outdated approaches as a way to control diabetics’ blood sugars, IM Health uses the best integrative medicine, whole-person healthcare approach to help patients heal deeply, and create lasting change. IM Health uses a natural lifestyle medicine approach and research-backed behavior change methodologies to reverse diabetes and chronic disease.

IM Health was founded in 2012 by Dr. Geoff DePaula. Dr. DePaula has been helping patients heal from chronic illnesses for well over 20 years. Dr. DePaula, the CEO of IM Health, was quoted as saying, “Our vision is to completely transform the current disease-centered model of healthcare in the U.S. into a proactive, integrative and holistic medicine paradigm of healthcare.” He went on to say, “Our mission is to prove in the real world, with real people, and real dollars, that an integrative approach to healthcare has better health outcomes and costs less than conventional care alone, and our early customers have demonstrated just that.”

IM Health has a customized approach to allow employers and health plans to educate and engage their members in a way that works for each organization. IM Health optimizes the program to make sure the health plans dollars are well spent. Participants create a deep and therapeutic relationship with the same healthcare professional throughout the program. This allows IM Health’s professionals to “get to know” them, understand the participant’s unique needs, and collaborate more effectively.

Tom Emerick, CEO of Edison Healthcare and former VP Global Benefit Design and Continuous Improvement Walmart Stores Inc. and the pioneer of Walmart’s award-winning Centers of Excellence program said, “IM Health’s methods are unique and effective. I have examined their methods carefully.”

The unique IM Health program was tracked by Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan’s TPA and showed they saved a self-funded employer $7,390 Per Diabetic Participant in 12 months.  Dr. DePaula said, “This is why we can offer a valid trackable ROI guarantee, a clinical effectiveness guarantee, and an engagement guarantee. We call it the Triple Guarantee, and employers have much to gain by offering this to their employees as it creates a win-win for all stakeholders.”

To learn more about the IM Health diabetes reversal telehealth plan, visit their official website by clicking here or visiting their official website at https://www.imhealth.com/

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