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Inspiration behind PARALLUXXE…Huge social media trend is filters! Everyone wants to look/or be slightly enhanced, filtered or adjusted. In their new video. they filtered, enhanced and adjusted the models with their tools… shears, color and styling tools. NONE of the hair they did was edited or photoshopped at all, which is unheard of nowadays in this industry. 

Madison, Wisconsin, May 15, 2019, Brava Salon Specialists, the locally owned beauty supply serving professional salons in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota, were pleased to announce the launch of their new PARALLUXXE Collection. Parallax in photography terms means: the difference between what the eye sees and what the camera sees… PARALLUXXE is their play on words. Everyone wants to look/or be slightly enhanced, filtered or adjusted.

During a recent interview, Jim Marcks, CEO of Brava, made these comments, “Brava is a client focused distributorship with one touch customer service. Call us once and it will be taken care of. Education is not a profit center for us it is a tool to help you achieve success. We will help drive customers into your salon not to retail outlets. Brava will show you how to use the latest technologies to your advantage. We are committed to helping our salons to be more profitable, have higher retail sales, better at acquiring new clients and retaining existing clients. We are focused on your profitability and success. Brava does not support chains or discount stores.”

Jesse Marcks, Director of Brava Elite (Education that Lifts Inspires Teaches and Encourages the Salon Professional) Education Team who with her team created the PARALLUXXE collection.

From stylist to owner to platform artist – Jesse is extremely creative, technical and business savvy. Her work has been published in trade magazines including Modern Salon, Behind the Chair, Esthetica and Beauty Launchpad. She proudly represented the U.S. in a global Color Competition.

Brava Salon Specialists only offers top quality products to its client salons. On their site, such products as listed below can be found:

  • Pai-Shau – Innovative Haircare: An ancient beauty ritual in Vietnam first led Brava to create Pai-Shau. Age old ingredients and modern science are united to create their Signature Exotic Tea Complex, a powerful concentrate designed to strengthen, nourish and protect the hair. Using a patented extraction process, the Signature Exotic Tea Complex is infused into the hair providing ultimate rejuvenation.
  • Reference of Sweden: Sulphate free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Vegan shampoos with botanical extracts specially chosen to protect, strengthen and infuse illuminating shine to natural and color treated hair. This unique formulation contains enhancing color preserving nutrients to help revitalize while providing luminescent shine and eliminating flyaways.
  • Lotus Color Enhancing Drops: Developed by professional salon colorists to combat the adverse effects that everyday elements have on hair color! Just combine a few drops with your everyday shampoo or conditioner to extend and lock in your “same day” salon color, while invigorating the shine of your hair.
  • M: The only official haircare product at London Fashion Week. 
  • Balay Powder: Simply mix it with your favorite color or lightener for a quick lift and just the right clay consistency. Balay Powder is the go-to additive for the perfect blended balayage.

Brava Salon Specialists also offers comprehensive online total education courses for salon owners and salon staff.

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