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“Empowerment Tourism” is about exploring the famous sights of a country, stay in a good hotel, enjoy a delicious meal at some of the fancy restaurants and home-host meal while also providing funds, skills and sustainable projects to help empower the local communities. 

New South Wales, Australia, May 15, 2019, Simla Sooboodoo, of Hands On Journeys, has sent ripples through the travel industry with her paradigm changing travel concept she calls “Empowerment Tourism”. No doubt that her ideas will affect the global travel niche forever. This is an entirely new concept in the travel experience. It takes into consideration not only the needs of the traveler, but also the needs of the communities they visit. It takes interaction to new heights.

Simla didn’t want to create just another tour company, she wanted to create journeys that transported travelers to the heart of a destination. During a recent interview, she made these comments, “Through our Empowerment Tourism concept, you might be helping a community open a cooking school, providing an underdeveloped college with clean water or empowering a small group to finally open a business. When we say our tours are life-changing, we mean for the locals as much as you. The communities we work with trust us because we have opened up two-way conversations, shared countless ups and downs, overnight stays on dusty floors and most importantly human connection. We’ve made friends around the world, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our extended family.”

Simla goes on to say, “Empowerment Tourism is about taking a community on a journey, showing them what is possible using the skills they have, those we can teach, and the opportunities we can provide. At the end of that journey, they should be able to support themselves and continue to grow with a sense of pride that is harder to achieve when you are continually being provided external support. Travelers come away knowing first hand their funds and time have created new jobs, provided builders work to construct toilets or wells and left someone inspired on a new business venture.”

Empowerment Tourism is about lifting a community up, not passing down handouts. Through new skills and investment, people around the world are given the ability to thrive, on their terms, and not be reliant on any external sources.

About Simla Sooboodoo: 

Born in Mauritius before immigrating to Australia, she founded Hands on Journeys in 2014 after two close-calls with death following a brain aneurysm. When she woke up from a 42-day coma, she knew that her life needed to be different, the world needed to be explored and that the luck she felt from recovering deserved to be paid forward to others less fortunate. As she discovered countless countries and gave-back through various community projects, she knew that her nine years of experience in the travel industry with impact was her calling and Hands on Journeys was born.

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