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As mainstream consumers become more educated on the positive effects of CBD Hemp Flower, many are now turning to it for anxiety, stress and pain relief. While it can certainly look and smell like Marijuana, it is not, and has no hallucinogenic effects.

Beverly Hills, California – May 21, 2019, DrGanja.com, the leader in the rapidly growing CBD Hemp Flower industry has just released a cost alternative CBD Hemp Flower line the Series II that is said to be “the best yet ”. Dr.Ganja is a website for all things CBD related, including thousands of reviews from their past customers. Since “all CBD Flower are not created equal”, it is important to read product reviews before making a decision about which CBD strain would be best for a certain type of individual.

The following is a review posted for the Electra Series II CBD Hemp Flower:

“My wife asked how it was legal that I bought this through the internet. When I opened it she fully believed it was the real deal. All products affect everyone differently, but I cannot smoke this at night. My brain will not shut down and then I am show bingeing until 1AM. I love it in the morning before work though!”

What is CBD Flower and is it legal?

It looks just like regular marijuana and depending upon the strain it can smell the same too, but the two actually differ quite a bit. The average Indica or Sativa marijuana strain may run anywhere from 12-25% THC with as little as 0-1% CBD.

Most CBD Hemp flower contains CBD in the range of 8-20%. Due to these opposing values in marijuana and CBD hemp; i.e., high THC/low CBD in marijuana, and high CBD/low THC in CBD hemp, the effects are totally different.

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, be effective in treating pain, epilepsy, anxiety, kill nausea, and more. In fact, aside from most of the health benefits in cannabis coming from CBD and therefore high CBD-product, CBD additionally negates the harmful effects of THC. This is one of the reasons that many recreational smokers add CBD hemp flower to their regular marijuana when rolling joints: it counteracts the anxiety and paranoia-causing effects of THC.

Dr.Ganja has a price point for everyone. Legal Hemp Flower can be bought on this website for as little as $7 per gram, with free shipping included. A happy buyer was quoted as saying, “Having experience with THC, I wanted to give these hemp buds a try! Seeing the dozens of reviews, pictures along with lab results for cannabinoids, terpenes, and pesticides made me comfortable ordering from them to see what all the hype was about. I ordered 3.5 grams of the Lifter CBD Flower Series II for $15 which included shipping! A few days later the package arrived, I opened the box and notice that it’s double sealed, with absolutely no odor at all, along with it is a letter to law enforcement explaining what this is and also lab results for the strain I ordered. Now for the moment of truth, I open the bag and wow! These buds are the real deal; they smell great, sticky, not over trimmed, which is what I want with my CBD flower. I give it a try; it tastes clean, smooth, not harsh, relaxing, easy, calm effects, no high at all. Dr.Ganja, I was a skeptic, but all the reviews are definitely on point, this stuff is fantastic.“

To learn more about the fairly recent CBD Hemp Flower phenomenon or to read more product reviews, visit their official website at http://www.drganja.com

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