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It is now possible to dominate any industry & explode one’s Digital Presence

Fife, Scotland, May 22, 2019, Many businesses think that putting up a nice website is all it takes to be a success on the Internet. They soon learn that if nobody comes to their site they will be in big trouble. Welcome to the Digital Age where everything on the Internet is International. SEO means success, or failure. Digital Marketing is best left to the experts, amateurs should best not try this on their own. Besides wasting precious dollars, they can actually damage their brand.

Manta Marketing has researched the Top Ten Mistakes that are costing businesses a lot of money:

  • Not Tracking Customers Using A Facebook Pixel
  • Not Using AI For Marketing Automation
  • Incorrect Campaign Objectives
  • Not Running Correct Campaigns Around Objectives Most Suitable For The Goal
  • Directly Asking Potential Clients To Buy Straight Away
  • Not Building And Utilizing An E-Mail List
  • Disregarding The Algorithms On The Platforms You Are Advertising On
  • Not Using Phone Sales As Part Of Your Business
  • Not Constantly Training Staff So They Stay Up To Date With The Ever-Adapting Algorithm Changes and Processes
  • Providing 0 Value To Others and Expecting The World In Return

By implementing a comprehensive strategy of Digital Marketing, it is possible to dominate any niche. It is just a matter of having the knowledge and expertise to pull it off. What works right now will not work in a year and sometimes even a month. Manta incorporates learning every single day into their busy routines as they believe there is no greater attribute that can be implemented towards success.

During a recent interview, Taylor Cunningham, CEO of Manta Marketing, made these comments, “We aim to get your business functioning in a way that it can exponentially grow today and years to come. We make sure that everything we do for our clients is relevant to what works at that minute and adapt to any changes that can hinder progress if we stay complacent and get comfortable with our results and tactics.”

Manta Marketing’s unique all-encompassing approach that yields consistent results includes: 

  • Incorporate Artificial Intelligence
  • Let Data Tell You The Story
  • Provide Value Within Your Market
  • Project Your Message With Professional Copy Writing
  • Leverage Correct Platform Execution
  • Grow and Scale Effective Email Lists
  • En-Roll Chat Bots To Automate Your Financial Income
  • Automate Your Business Model
  • Gain Expert Positioning in Your Industry

During a recent interview, Taylor was asked about Expert Positioning, he made these comments, “People are not making the money they want in the digital space because they are not positioned as an expert. Once you are positioned as an expert, your income stream will increase. Manta Marketing has a team of pros that are specialists in getting you Expert Positioning that will enable your business to bring in the money that your business needs and deserves.”

Client Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Sarah Burns, CEO of Capital Fitness, had to say, “Real professionalism in the marketplace, highly recommend for serious businesses and entrepreneurs.”

It costs nothing to join Manta Marketing and enquire how they can help you and your business.

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