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After appearing on Reality TV Show “Wife’s Romantic Travel”, the Typewriter Poet Gordon Donaldson will release an English and Mandarin version of his new book of poetry. Mr. Donaldson’s new poetry book is called “Birds of Joy” and it has 120 poems all translated into Mandarin.

Melbourne, AU – May 25th 2019, Gordon Donaldson, the break-out Typewriter Star Poet who appeared in a Chinese TV Show titled “Wife’s Romantic Travel” has just announced the release of a new Poetry book geared towards his newfound fan base in China. Mr. Donaldson wrote live poetry for five out of the six celebrities on the china-based show, catapulting his career to new heights. On the TV show, as the stars sat around reading their poems and discussing their experience of meeting the poet in the streets of Melbourne, Mr. Donaldson felt inspired to write more poems in the same style as he did on the TV show.

When Mr. Donaldson was asked by a reporter about what inspired him to write this book, he was quoted as saying, “It all started with the TV show. Since that day when I was fortunate enough to be on that show and receive such glowing endorsements from the stars for my writing, I was inspired to write this book of poetry.” Gordon Donaldson went on to say, “It was live TV, so to write poems under pressure in this way in front of some of the biggest celebrities in China is amazing to me. But, if it wasn’t for Zhang Ziyi and Anita Yuen, who definitely calmed my nerves, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.”

During Gordon Donaldson’s time writing poetry on the TV show “Wife’s Romantic Travel”, it was Zhang Ziyi and Anita Yuen who helped to communicate with the poet in English as well as translating for the other celebrities. These two names are among the biggest Stars in China, with Zhang Ziyi having been nominated for more than 10 Academy Awards.

“When they praised my work and how it made them feel, I was inspired to write a collection of poems into a book, which is now translated into Mandarin,” said Mr. Donaldson. The book is called Birds of Joy and is available online at Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, and will be soon available in other stores, including Dang Dang in China.

“Birds of Joy” has 120 poems and they are all translated into Mandarin, including five poems from the TV show. Chinese poetry is unique in nature, and often just using a translated version doesn’t carry the same emotion as before they were translated, however “Birds of Joy” was able to capture the essence of Chinese poetry.

Mr. Donaldson is available for online and in-person interviews for TV, Radio, Newspaper, and magazines.

A demonstration of his unique skills on an old typewriter can be requested.

Media may also request a review copy of his eBook “Birds of Joy”.


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