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Now every child can have an honest advantage. The Online course divides four hours of teaching into Twelve Easy to Follow Lessons. 

West Chester, PA, May 26, 2019, Dr. Angelo Gadaleto, a retired emeritus professor with a passion for helping students achieve academic success, has designed and produced a new online program that teaches Classical and State of The Art “Learning to Learn” skills. During his career, Dr. Gadaleto served as a Teaching Professor of both undergraduate and graduate students; earlier in his career in his role as a psychologist, he was the Director of a University Counseling Center and was the Founder and Director of a University Learning Skills Center. His motivation for creating the program included his belief that many capable students arrive at college without understanding the best Methods of achieving academic success in college. His program has the goal of helping students make the transition from high school to college academics by using the best approaches for navigating the academics of college.

Many of the Methods taught in his program are original and come from his years of experience as to what works for students. Dr. Gadaleto designed the online program to be of major benefit to all students regardless of their current level of academic success. Students who are already getting A’s and B’s benefit by learning more efficient methods of study. Students who have not experienced a lot of previous academic success can gain confidence in their ability to learn and achieve better grades. Dr. Gadaleto shares that it is true that by using the best learning techniques, students can learn more, learn better, with less anxiety, and in less time. The two lessons on Memory in his program help students achieve the true purpose of education, which is to learn and retain what is learned.

The earlier the Methods and Strategies presented in the program are learned and applied, the more comfortable and confident students will be at any academic level. High School students, especially those taking advanced placement courses or other college preparation courses, benefit from completing the program while they still have the time to experiment and practice the methods before college. Completing the program gives high school students the advantage of understanding the demands of college academics and a motivating exposure to what life will be like as a college student. Students who complete or review the program before their first semester of college are provided methods that will help them make a smooth and comfortable transition to the world of college academics. It is true that it is often more than the level of academic success that causes attrition, but those who have higher levels of academic confidence and academic success are more likely to earn a degree. Achieving success in the first semester of college sets the foundation for the completion of the degree sought and with the higher grades that will help with post-degree employment.

The Online course divides four hours of teaching into Twelve Easy to Follow Lessons with each Lesson having both an Introduction Video and Methods Video that captures and maintains the attention of the high school and college-age students and allows for completion of the Lessons at the students desired pace. The program videos are reinforced by supporting written content, charts, and graphics.

Dr. Gadaleto’s goal is to have High Schools, Colleges, and Universities use the program videos as a tool for direct instruction. Individuals can purchase the complete online course for the introductory price of only $139. Educational institutions can purchase full rights to the use of the program, including the option of making the online program available directly to students and faculty for a low institutional licensing cost. To obtain information about program licensing costs use inquiries@provenmethods.net. Dr. Gadaleto has priced the program costs low so that it can become available to as many students as possible. 

For complete information, visit: https://www.provenmethodstobettergrades.com/

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