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Ibogaine Triggers the body to heal itself and overcome Addiction, PTSD, Depression, and a Wide Range of Neurological and Physical Illnesses. Imagine waking up tomorrow and discovering that one’s body has begun the process of healing itself.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, July 2, 2016, Some 40 million adults in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or Major Depressive Disorder for example – according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Many of these individuals will never find the relief they wrestle through daily to obtain.

However, David Dardashti of Ibogaine by David Dardashti has treated thousands and believes there is an option. This option is called Ibogaine. It is a substance which offers a window of opportunity for individuals to heal from what may seem like a hopeless state of body mind and spirit. Ibogaine is one of 12 alkaloids extracted from Iboga root bark. Ibogaine, in its pure form triggers and stimulates the central nervous system which inter signals the brain and body to begin functioning properly after potentially years of being imbalanced, tired or suppressed.

While taking medications to re-calibrate a chemical imbalance, for example, can work. Sometimes, these medications are trying to balance the wrong chemicals. Thus, the treatment is ineffective and damaging. Ibogaine, by contrast, is simple: It helps reset the brain and triggers the body to begin healing itself in a way modern medication cannot. Simply for clarification, it is not the Ibogaine that heals the body. It is just the messenger which ignites the body to begin the process it has always been programmed to do, heal thyself. At Ibogaine by David Dardashti, the healing process is nothing short of remarkable.

So far, treatment for depression at the Ibogaine by David Dardashti facility has yielded a successful outcome rate of 87- 95% depending on the severity of the depression. Ibogaine treatment helps draw out lingering memories that have been stored deeply within the brain to protect us. This is one of the many ways that Ibogaine helps to treat depression and sadness, as well as trauma and anxiety.

The treatment resets negative thought patterns, restores chemical balance within the brain, untangles neural pathways that can otherwise cause negativity and sadness, restores energy, rebuilds the immune system. Lastly, if an individual also has a desire to be addiction free, they too can be treated with Ibogaine, with an outcome of 95% success and no withdrawal or craving. Ibogaine also has the potential to stop or limit symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and reduce necessary insulin intake for those with diabetes.

This is not to good to be true, this is a new paradigm in the healing of the human body. Once it is understood how sophisticated and powerful the human body is, one can logically understand how it can begin to fix itself with a little touch to the key element in the brain called the central nervous system using a pure substance extracted from nature called Ibogaine.

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