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Boasting 50% More Caffeine than Other Brands, Caffeine and Kilos has Become Popular with Weightlifting, CrossFit, MMA and General Fitness Enthusiasts

Elk Grove, California, July 10, 2019,  USA Weightlifting, the national governing body for the sport of weightlifting in the United States, has selected Sacramento-based Caffeine and Kilos as the organization’s Official Coffee.  Founded in 2013, Caffeine and Kilos (C&K) is an online retailer of workout apparel and caffeine-enhanced coffee with many of their blends containing 50% more caffeine than typical coffee brands.  Multiple studies have confirmed that caffeine is an excellent workout supplement, both boosting performance by up to 20%, increasing blood flow to muscles and reducing the pain felt during exertion.

“We’re proud to be an official part of USA Weightlifting,” said Caffeine and Kilos co-founder Dean Saddoris.  “Since C&K launched in 2013, we have sponsored dozens of individual athletes in weightlifting, CrossFit, powerlifting, MMA, and general fitness competitions. It’s especially gratifying to now be officially recognized as a key component in the sport of weightlifting.”

Caffeine and Kilos markets a half dozen different custom coffee blends, available to purchase individually or as a recurring “Coffee of the Month” subscription.  Besides having much more caffeine than standard coffee, C&K master roasters ensure that the blends all remain smooth and great tasting.  The unusually high caffeine content is derived from the types of beans and the way they are blended, not through any additives or chemical processing.

“Caffeine is a tested and proven exercise enhancer regardless of the sport,” said Caffeine and Kilos co-founder Danny Lehr. “It improves mental focus, increases alertness, boost anaerobic performance and endurance performance. And a great cup of coffee is still the best delivery method for a clean, reliable and dependable source of unadulterated caffeine.”

In fact, medical studies have shown that caffeine consumed as a coffee beverage provides more benefits than pure caffeine taken as a tablet form.

More than just a seller of coffee, Caffeine and Kilos has positioned itself as an overall lifestyle brand.  C&K markets workout apparel for men and women that takes a different approach than most workout clothes. Rather than the often-garish colors and poorly fitting garments mostly associated with workout clothes, C&K strives to make clothes that are clean, comfortable, fit an athletic build and can be worn at the gym, out to dinner or to a family event.

For more information or to purchase coffee and clothing, visit Caffeine and Kilos at: www.caffeineandkilos.com

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