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Learn new insights into stories of diverse & inclusive startup communities. 

New York, New York, August 26, 2019, Shane Snipes has a fascination with helping and sharing what he learns through his live video interviews with folks across the Nation from his EntrepreneurTrip. He will be stopping at predetermined stops in 11 towns. If anybody wants to schedule a meeting, they can drop him an email. Shane describes his Trip’s Mission as, “How Can I Help You?”

During a recent interview, Shane made these comments, “I want to promote this idea that we are surrounded by entrepreneurship wherever we go. In what better way to do that than by speaking to as many business makers as possible in 5 days. You might have been in business for 1 month or more than 10 years. I want to talk with as many of you as I can.”

He goes on to say, “I think there is something beautiful to be had by helping. I guess I’ve always been a kind of collector. Not so much of stuff but information and experiences. This realization hit me hard as I am about embark on this EntrepreneurTrip. I am thinking about how I could gather the stories of diverse communities of business and what similarities of entrepreneurship there are across the USA. It does sound compelling especially for someone like me. Then it hit me, what am I giving (not just collecting). Good storytelling takes time and effort – that’s a gift.”

Live video interviews will have a dual focus: Personal, (as entrepreneurs) and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (communities supporting business).

Topics to discuss will include:

  • On The Personal Side: What is success? In Business? Personally? Do you practice mindfulness or meditation or prayer? If so, what do you think it does for you? After all, mindfulness affects entrepreneurship education. Research shows that it improved education outcomes by 20-50%.
  • On The Business Side: What do you think is most helpful in your community for your business? What could be more helpful?

About Shane Snipes, PhD.: 

Shane has worked with Microsoft, HP, Best Buy and other tech companies to develop their marketing strategies. Through the years, he applied his organizational development experience and MBA to help them setup innovation labs. Ultimately, he struck out on his own to create a sustainability analytics firm to help companies track their impact on climate change. This business was sold in 2013 and he came back to teaching and research. Right now, Shane is fascinated by how mindfulness improves entrepreneurship education. His PhD in education is in that area.

For complete information, visit:  https://www.EntrepreneurTrip.co

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