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Candma Goes to Heaven is a comforting story that will touch the hearts of children and parents alike. Alex has one grandmother, but he used to have two. His grandma Carol got very sick and went to Heaven. Although Alex was sad,
he had many wonderful memories of his Candma that made him smile.

New York, NY, September 11, 2019, “Candma Goes to Heaven”, a spiritual children’s book that teaches kids about death and grief, following protagonist Alex through the processing of his grandma’s passing, was officially published this week by Impresa Books for readers, families, and grieving children everywhere.

Written by author Monica Burch, “Candma Goes to Heaven” does a wonderful job of making death, a topic so complex and confusing, understandable to a child.

During a recent interview, Monica made these comments, “Any adult who has had to explain grief to a child knows how heartbreaking and sad it can be.” She goes on to say, “That’s what inspired me to write this book, so that families everywhere dealing with tremendous loss can help their children process it while looking to the future that God has provided us.”

Candma Goes to Heaven” starts with Alex learning that his grandma is sick. Although she gets better a few times, she eventually passes away. His parents explain to him that her spirit has gone to the Heaven, forcing Alex to learn about grief and remember his grandma with love. Along the way, Alex and his family grow even stronger together, as they remember their grandma with happiness, sadness, and spiritual encouragement.

“Reading this book would be especially good for children who have lost family members or are likely to lose loved ones in the future,” said Juliana Isabella, OnlineBookClub.org. “The book does a wonderful job with making death and grief understandable to a child.”

“Candma Goes to Heaven” was illustrated by Emily Zeiroth, bringing out raw emotion and connection to Alex and his family in both happy and sad moments.

Burch’s children’s book is officially available for purchase/download on both Amazon.com and her personal website. Burch hopes to write more books in the future, as she has published a few thus far. For right now, she spends the majority of her days teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workshops to Kindergartner through eighth graders.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/Candma-Goes-Heaven-Monica-Burch/dp/0578514605/


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