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The Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, known as the Lechner House, has been sold for over $4.8 Million USD after world-renown designer Pamela Shamshiri completes a restoration of the 1940’s property.

Los Angeles, CA– Sept 14th 2019, The Stolper Group has made international headlines this week as they announce their involvement in a historic real estate deal. Stefani Stolper of The Stolper Group represented the buyer that purchased famed Architect Rudolph Schindler’s 1940’s property, that is said to be one of the last projects he worked on before his passing in 1953. Rudolph Schindler, a modernist architect, built homes across L.A. from the 1920s to the ‘50s. A native of Austria, his works of note include the Schindler Chase House in West Hollywood, the Lovell Beach House in Newport Beach and the Samuel Freeman House in Hollywood Heights.

The Lechner House was bought in 2008 by world renown designer Pamela Shamshiri, with plans of giving the property a complete restoration while allowing its original architecture and charm to shine through and remain in place. This would prove to be no easy task and after a decade-long restoration, she was finally able to put it back on the market for one lucky buyer to be able to call this masterpiece “home”.  Pamela and her brother Ramin Shamshiri are Los Angeles based designers and have worked with many stars including Seth Rogan, Anne Hathaway and Adam Schulman among others.

Pamela Shamshiri was recently quoted as saying, “Our look is narrative and experience driven so it’s always changing based on the place, architecture, client, and historical context.” Stefani Stolper, the buyer’s agent was quoted as saying, “It gives us great pleasure to be able to find our client this amazing, one-of-a-kind property. It is not every day that one can say they helped their client purchase a historical and cultural monument, designed by a world-famous Architect.” She went on to say, “The Stolper Group is here to help anyone interested in finding their dream property, regardless of size. Whether looking for a small dream cottage or a multi-million Dollar residence, we can help you achieve your dream.”

To find out more about The Stolper Group and their listings, or to contact Stefani Stolper directly, visit their official website by clicking here or following this link: https://www.compass.com/agents/la/the-stolper-group/

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