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“Was I to blame for my mother abandoning my sisters and me? Was my skin too dark? Was my hair too wooly? Did she love me at all?” 

Elk Grove, California, September 15, 2019, Being abandoned by one’s parents can leave an indelible mark on an individuals’ psyche. Some children never get over it and blame themselves for their circumstance. Others are determined to discover what actually was the reason for their present situation. Such was the case of Judy Fambrough Billingsely, who knew from a very early age that she was an international, biracial adoptee. She vowed to one day search and find both of her birth parents. There was no doubt in her mind doing so would give her the answer to why they abandoned her to live in an orphanage until her adoption.

Judy’s new blockbuster memoir, “Too Brown to Keep: A Search for Love, Forgiveness, and Healing” is a true story about her life’s journey. As the daughter of a white German woman and a black American soldier, the author became one of the many unwanted “brown babies” whose mixed race often led to their abandonment after World War II. From childhood in Germany shortly after the war to adulthood in America, “Too Brown to Keep” recounts the author’s inspirational odyssey, as the search for her birth parents leads to discovery of the good, the bad, and the ugly family secrets she struggled to unearth for decades.

The author aptly shows that she is a master wordsmith. Readers have commented that they felt as if they were sitting in a room with Judy as she told them her riveting story. She gives a captivating, true account of the emotional and psychological effects of being biracial, abandoned, an international adopted baby, and the heart-wrenching, very public rejection she suffered at the hands of some members of her newly discovered family.

During a recent interview, Judy made these comments, “My journey of self-discovery results in a thought-provoking chapter on forgiveness and healing and concludes with a guide to researching your own ancestry or finding a family member or friend who has been missing from your life.  My book will be available on Amazon.com on October 1, 2019.”

About the Author:

Judy Fambrough-Billingsley is a first-time writer and author of the book “Too Brown to Keep: A Search for Love, Forgiveness, and Healing”. She holds a Bachelor of Art degree, a California lifetime teaching credential, and a master’s degree in Education Administration. Adopted and brought to American where she was raised in Bakersfield, California. A graduate from University State College, Bakersfield, after which she completed her postgraduate degree at the University of La Verne, in California. She now resides in Elk Grove, California and is the mother to two successful sons, two successful daughters-in-law, and “Nana” to four grandsons. A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, she finds time to serve her church and community in many ways.

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