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The idea is to move the hearings out of Washington, DC and into a more Bi-Partisan atmosphere where all sides can have a discussion without political pressure. 

Baltimore, Maryland, October 1, 2019, The political atmosphere just went from bad to worse with the latest attempt to Impeach President Trump. The USA is so divided pitting the Left against the Right. People are afraid to wear a Red Cap for fear of being beaten by thugs who don’t believe in free speech of free expression. The soul of America is at stake.

Imagine if the opposing sides could have a “sit-down” in a bi-partisan venue without TV Crews and News Reporters scrutinizing their every word, gesture and facial expression. The Penthouse Club of Baltimore has seen many a huge deal come to fruition, as well as many opposing parties getting together for a glass of wine and ironing out their differences.

Members of Congress are people too and subject to the pressures placed on them by their constituency. They have families also and would like to see the best for the country. This dividing of the populace has to stop, it is like a cancer spreading and engulfing every strata of society.

Brian Shulman of The Penthouse Club of Baltimore had the brilliant idea to offer his club as the perfect venue for the hearings and discussions. Remember when President Obama held the famous “Beer Summit”? It was a positive move to discuss the issues and it resulted in a peaceful outcome.

A positive outcome can be had with the hearing being held in a luxurious venue that is comfortable and non-threatening. The club presents a very classy persona with the finest dining and beverages. It would be a world’s first and could very well be the impetus of a positive outcome.

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