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Altomonte Advisors are skilled in identifying, investigating and assessing fraud and specialize in providing best practices and training platforms to help spot and eliminate irregularities within companies. 

Chicago, Illinois, October 6, 2019, Financial Fraud has cost many a business millions of dollars and have caused many firms to cease to exist. In most cases this was preventable with the implementation of correct practices early enough to make the determination that something is amiss. Imagine if Bernie Madoff had been caught before so many people were victimized by his massive greed.

Altomonte Advisory Group was formed to help businesses avoid becoming the next victim of Financial Fraud in any of its forms. Seldom have so many professionals in this field come together in one organization. Altomonte has brought together financial intelligence professionals and fraud security experts to help companies and organizations deal with financial crime, risk management, educational guidance and fraud prevention.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained, “We are former federal investigators, attorneys and auditors who bring a combined 100+ years of experience in risk management, compliance, fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, and accounting irregularities to each client engagement. We are skilled in identifying, investigating and assessing fraud and specialize in providing best practices and training platforms to help spot and eliminate irregularities within companies.”

He goes on to say, “Our services are generally designed for companies that do not have in-house corporate security teams or larger companies that need to supplement their internal corporate security teams. We also work with law firms, large companies and government organizations requiring outside independent investigative support or independent reviews, as well as large-scale project assistance with financial misconduct.”

A single rogue employee can subject a company to significant criminal or civil liability and business-draining lawsuits. When financial misconduct is suspected, fast and accurate risk assessments and associated correction are crucial to the company’s well-being. Most smaller firms or organizations do not have in-house financial or risk management departments and that’s where Altomonte comes in.

Altomonte Advisory Group is sought after for such specialized services as:

  • False Claims – Whistleblower Assessments: Contractors that do business with the Federal Government are required to accurately complete all of their contractual obligations with the government. Failure to provide specified services or products required under the terms of the contract could be a violation of the False Claims Act.
  • Litigation Support: Businesses and law firms often require assistance with pending litigation. At these times, they can utilize Altomonte Advisory Group’s financial expertise and accounting support. As former federal investigators, they have conducted thousands of interviews with witnesses and defendants while pursuing federal investigations. This includes reviewing and summarizing volumes of financial records, medical records, and emails for use in trials. Their team members are skilled in culling through volumes of subpoenaed and discovery documents to find the smallest detail that can make or break a case open.
  • Fraud Reviews and Compliance Reviews: It is extremely difficult for internal compliance employees to conduct independent reviews and audits of their colleagues. In fact, there have been more than a few instances where a corporation’s internal compliance team has avoided disclosing findings that ultimately caused significant financial issues and embarrassment for a company.

Their team specializes in internal and external fraud and their advisors worked for Federal Inspector General Offices. Federal Inspector Generals are fraud watchdogs for the Federal Government.

  • Employee and Applicant Background Reviews: For positions that involve access to sensitive processes, procedures or materials, it is critical to be certain of making informed hiring decisions. Formerly responsible for overseeing and adjudicating hundreds of background investigations and top-secret clearances for U.S. Government employees, including federal law enforcement officers, Altomonte Advisory Group team members bring vast security screening experience to your company.
  • Fraud and Compliance Awareness: Fraud training helps employees mitigate financial losses by learning how to spot red flags or large-scale frauds, possibly saving a company millions of dollars. Employees are the company’s front line for detecting fraud. It’s important to provide employees with the proper training in order to identify security lapses and/or irregularities.

Mission Critical is to become proactive and Book A Consultation today to determine the areas of your organization that may need immediate attention.

For complete information, visit: https://altomonteadvisors.com/

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