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New York, New York — October 30, 2019, Maluma fans at Madison Square Gardens and across the U.S. have experienced new Hollywood-style 3D immersions on stage. Here, Maluma’s 3D Animation Director presents behind-the-scene details about the extraordinary visuals of the 11:11 World Tour.

In a match made in Medellín, Colombian singer and songwriter Maluma began collaborating with 3D Animation Artist and founder of RMA Design, Alejandro Robledo Mejia, largely because they share a similar passion for artistic vision. One might say they both vibrate creatively at a very high level coupled with an extraordinary ability to execute on their artistic visions.

During a recent interview, Alejandro made these comments, “Collaborating for the world tour is exciting because Maluma is such a great artist. We have a great working relationship”, “By the San Juan, Puerto Rico show on Nov 9, 2019, we will have completed 3D animation for 15 songs.”

He goes on to say, “We started with Maluma’s artistic concept of the 11:11 World Tour which has its foundation in a universal, spiritual world. Maluma wants the audience to experience the mechanical yet organic world we live in, which is why you will see machines and robots on top of water or tunnels and doors with moon-like landscapes. The show is a layering of music, dancers, machines, nature and special effects that position the musical story within a magical reality.”

“Maluma’s choice of Hollywood-quality 3D simulations is a first and vastly extends the world in which the show takes place. Besides lasers, pyro effects and the typically stunning concert lighting techniques, we are using the screen to layer liquids, mechanics, cloth, explosions and organic shapes to create a vast 3D world on stage.”

RMA Design joined forces with Maluma’s powerful Royalty World Inc. video production team lead by Creative Director Camilo Mejia. Camilo’s trajectory with Maluma’s live concerts coupled with Teo Echavarria’s Production Management allowed RMA to push the boundaries of 3D and FX while working cohesively with the show and staying true to Maluma’s vision. RMA Design then used powerful software applications including Houdini (best known for its real-time rendering and simulation capabilities), plus Houdini tools and techniques such as Vellum Solver and Rigid BioDynamics (RBD) to create and render dynamic 3D imagery.

“You’re about to see a new level of concert special effects!” says RMA founder Alejandro Robledo Mejia.

Video: High-resolution video and images available upon request. Please credit RMA Design – Alejandro Robledo Mejia

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Alejandro Robledo Mejia, founder of RMA Design, is a CG/VFX artist, designer, concept/digital artist, creative director, animator and illustrator whose work is built upon technical and artistic excellence. He produces stunning visual effects, 3D development, and animation for media platforms across feature films, commercials enterprises and entertainment industries. He specializes in highly technical VFX content, board development, cutting-edge real-time workflows, and building VFX shots from scratch, including rigid body dynamics, fluids, smoke, fire, and explosions.

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