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Publix Sell Through of Glass Bottled Beverages Exceeding Expectations 

San Diego, CA, November 4, 2019 – Sol-ti, a leading manufacturer of Organic, Glass Bottled, Living Beverages™, announced today the launch of GINGER SuperShot™ and TURMERIC SuperShot™ Products at all 1,225+ Publix locations, where the products were placed on all shelves in July 2019.

“Publix is one of the largest grocery chains in America – and our partnership is an ideal way to broaden the distribution of our Organic, Glass Bottled, Living Beverages globally,” said Founder and CEO, Ryne O’Donnell. “Publix recognized our evangelical consumer base along with our momentum in the Southwest and how this growth could translate to the Southeast to mutually benefit both Publix and Sol-ti throughout Publix’s 1,225+ stores. We appreciate Publix supporting Sol-ti’s mission and embracing change to provide consumers more options for sustainably packaged beverages.”

Sol-ti debuted its new SuperShot Product Lines (which include a HEMP+ variant) and packaging in March 2019 at Expo West. Sol-ti’s Classic SuperShot Line, which does not contain Hempseed Oil, was exclusive to the Publix launch. Every 2oz TURMERIC SuperShot is packed with 17,000mg of freshly pressed organic turmeric while every 2oz GINGER SuperShot is packed with 17,000mg of organic ginger for a spicy zing!

Focused on providing products that are good for people and good for the planet, Sol-ti is excited to offer Publix customers glass bottled superfood shots. The products have been well received over the past 4 months – backed qualitatively by consumer feedback and quantitatively by increasing same store sales data. Sol-ti’s 2 SKUs of 2oz glass bottles are moving off the shelf faster than other high pressure pasteurized & petroleum based single use plastic bottled products in the category.

Consumers are now understanding the benefits of glass bottles – for purity, taste, and the planet. Their SuperShot Line features a Signature Sol-ti Glass Bottle along with more sustainable features including an Aluminum Cap with Aluminum Tamper Evident Band, Silicone Seal Gasket, Wax Paper Waterproof Label (coming soon), and a Recycled Cardboard Case Pack that doubles as a merchandiser.

The Publix roll out has proven successful with average sales velocities of 63+ Units per Store per Month across 1,225+ stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia! Sol-ti gained distribution into 7 new states with the Publix partnership. Sol-ti addresses the growing demand for real, Living Beverages using their unique UV Light Filtration process, while most other products on the shelf are pasteurized, flash pasteurized, or High Pressure Pasteurized (HPP’d). As an alternative upgrade, Sol-ti’s products are never frozen and never pasteurized. Sol-ti’s SuperShot Line can be found in the refrigerated beverage section in the Produce Department of all Publix locations for $2.99.

Publix and Sol-ti have plans for SKU expansion and new product launches in November 2019 with the goal in bringing a variety of sustainably packaged Living Beverages to meet the needs of consumers from all walks of life.

About Sol-ti® 

Sol-ti is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. Sol-ti is committed to helping individuals shine with Living Beverages™ while also protecting the planet with the use of sustainable glass packaging.

We each have an inner light. At Sol-ti, we encourage you to shine your brightest with Living Beverages. These Living Beverages are UV Light Filtered™ – ensuring they are never heat pasteurized.

Each beverage is an alchemy of fresh ingredients with very real benefits for well-being; rich in biophotons and Charged with Light™ for energy, positivity and health.

For more information about Sol-ti, visit: Solti.com

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