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Thanks to advanced algorithms, travelers are saving massive amounts of money. TravelGooru.com was created by a team of technological experts with many years of experience in the IT industry, focusing on the most efficient search engine technologies.

Vienna, Austria, November 23, 2019, It is no secret that there are many online travel booking services. Still, it can be quite cumbersome and a traveler can often encounter hidden fees that appear at the last moment and even after the trip is complete as they check their credit card statements. One company had set out to change all that and that is exactly what they did.

All that is changed thanks to the team at TravelGooru.com. Their IT experts have been able to create unique algorithms that are capable of pulling data from across the internet in record time and accuracy. Travelers can now get real-time price quotes and make immediate bookings across a variety of travel categories.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained, “Our mission is to help you save when you make your travel reservations and also while traveling. Here you can find travel info & price comparison for hotels flights and car rentals. Our main asset is our free global travel search engine where we provide our users with a one in all solution to find the best travel deals online in a very easy, efficient, fast and secure way.”

Here are just a few of their features and benefits:

  • Save up to 60%: There are no extra charges or hidden fees. The price you see is exactly what you pay.
  • More than 67 Online Booking Systems: No need to open hundreds of websites to find a travel deal. We have them all at your fingertip.
  • Compare 728 Airline Companies: Search and compare deals from over 700 airline companies with one easy search.
  • Check 45 Agencies: Looking for the best deal in flights, hotels or car rental? Search and find them easily in one place.

The TravelGooru travel booking portal is easy to navigate as it is broken down into popular categories:

  • Cheap Taxi Transfer: You choose a route you need all around the world. Make the booking online from amongst more than 575 partner carriers and the driver meets you with a name plate and drives you to the destination point.
  • Cheap Car Rentals: More than 25,000 Car Rental Points. Compare over 800 car rental companies and the best price is guaranteed.
  • Cheap Hotels: More than 112 Online Booking Systems and Agencies with thousands of hotels all over the globe.
  • Cheap Interrnational Flights: Compare 840 Airline Companies, Online Booking Systems and Agencies. If the flight is delayed or cancelled, it is possible to make a claim for up to $700.00.

There are no extra charges or hidden fees. The price you see is exactly what you pay. Their Travelers Blog is full of great information to make any trip more enjoyable. Check out the Blog here.

For complete information, visit: https://www.travelgooru.com/

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