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A captivating story from the Darkside that has readers unable to put the book down until finished. The author has proven herself to be a master wordsmith. 

Northbrook, Illinois, November 30, 2019, Every once in a while, a new author appears on the scene and releases a novel that will make a permanent mark in its genre. Such is the case with Therese England’s first novel – “The Angel Dictionary”. This is a horror story that is truly drawn from the dark side. The author has been able to connect with and relay her inner experiences on the dark side of spirituality. This is much more than a story; it is a walk-through mankind’s deepest fears.

Readers have commented that they felt as if the author was sitting in the room with them as they read this novel, always with the urge to look over their shoulder. It is easy to see that writing about things on the dark side comes natural to this author.

During a recent interview, Therese made these comments, “As I wrote, it sometimes felt like something or someone else was writing with me or through me. I would stop and finish and say to myself, “How did I think of THAT?”. I told my friend, Dede, who is a psychic and she called it automatic writing…when someone who passed to the other side writes through you. I don’t know, but the pencil would just go and go…Perhaps it was a dead author I admire, or something sinister”.

The story is set in Chicago, 1991. The plot begins inside a very large software company called Sandoval. The main character, Dina, who is 29 years old, turns out to be a bit of a clairvoyant and she falls for a new co-worker, Frank, who will  end up working on the same projects as she does. Dina is also extraordinarily beautiful and counts on her looks for her own personal advancement, most especially to win over and keep Frank.

The story develops from there to include how Dina goes to extremes to keep Frank, even to include the use of Black Magic to conjure unimaginable evil entities and bring them into the present day to wreak havoc and destroy lives. Pick-up this book and it’s a sure bet that you won’t want to put it down.

About The Author: 

Therese was born in the Midwest, but lived and went to high school in Sao Paulo Brazil in the late 60’s. Her dad moved the family there as he was transferred with Caterpillar Tractor. While she was there, she witnessed the indigent people’s great fear of the black art of Macumba. Perhaps this is where her fascination with horror and the world of the dead came from.

Therese is a graduate of Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in English.

She has also undertaken classes in writing for publication at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. A fan of all things spooky and paranormal, she lives in Northbrook, Illinois with her three black cats. ­

For complete information, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Dictionary

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