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Christmas is by nature a very merry time of year. The only thing better than singing a Christmas Carol with a group is singing a Christmas Carol with a group that is religiously diverse, truly bringing everyone together for the holidays.

Los Angeles, California, December 01, 2019, DJ Peace made headlines today with the release of his newest single, World Peace (Christmas Peace). Unlike other Christmas songs, DJ Peace claims that World Noise is not just a Christmas song for Christians, but also for Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and all other religions.

DJ Peace is a disc jockey and emcee with well over 20-years of experience in music and entertainment. After noticing a breakdown in the world’s social fabric, DJ Peace decided to start creating music that supports love, tolerance and peace on earth. His latest single, World Noise (Christmas Peace), will be remixed for each religion and re-released as a new single. New singles will be released for Hanukkah, The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and Kwanza. The same lyrics will be used however with subtle cultural differences. His next incarnation of World Noise (which features DJ Peace on lead vocals) is called “Solstice Celebration” and is geared towards Atheist’s celebration of The Summer and Winter Solstice and will be released on December 22, 2015 when Winter Solstice begins.

World Noise (Christmas Peace) is a song that is aimed at bringing all people together regardless of religious background (or lack of it). It contains quotes from various religions and spiritual leaders and was created as an ‘anthem of peace’ for any holiday or time of the year. It has been categorized as a “feel good” song for people of all ages.

During a recent press event, DJ Peace was quoted as saying, “Music is the language of the world. It doesn’t matter what we speak or what convictions we have, good music is food for the soul, and I think we could all use some food for the soul in these times. I love making people laugh and get down on the dance floor, now I have decided to spread the word of peace and love through my music.”

Music heads have been flocking to hear free previews of the song even before its release, indicating that it will be very well received by his audience. DJ Peace’s new single, World Noise (Christmas Peace), featuring Vanessa Bryan, is now available for download and can be previewed on CDBaby by following this link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/djpeace110.

To learn more about DJ Peace and his initiative to bring tolerance, peace and love to the world through his music, check out his official website by clicking here.

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