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A captivating journey through the imperfections of dating has readers unable to put the book down until finished. The author has proven herself to be a master wordsmith. 

Silver Spring, Maryland, December 8, 2019, Every once in a while, a new author appears on the scene and releases a book that will make a permanent mark in its genre. Such is the case with Dr. Dunn’s first book – “Pieces of the Perfect Man”  This is a self-help book truly drawn from the heart of women. The author has been able to connect with and relay her inner experiences on the inner workings of dating and relationships. This is much more than a self-help book; it is a walk-through a woman’s deepest fears and feelings in terms of dating and relationships.

Readers have commented that they felt as if the author was sitting in the room with them as they read this book, always with the feeling of empowerment and positive energy the more they read. It is easy to see that writing about love, life and relationships comes naturally to this author. 

Author Dr. Valarie Dunn provides answers to the following questions:

  •  Are the single woman’s expectations too high?
  •  How do I experience complete fulfillment with or without a relationship?
  •  How do I regain control of my emotions?
  •  How do I know if he is really into me?
  •  What is the art of dating while maintaining self-respect?

During a recent interview, Dr. Dunn made these comments, “I have travelled along many roads in the area of relationships. Like many others, my journey has been filled with considerable disappointments and challenges, as well as a collection of exceptionally satisfying moments. Along the way, my experiences have taught me invaluable lessons. As any good student of life, I am not only required, but also inspired, to give to you as much of what I know in the pages of my new book. The drive for this book is to help women in similar situations experience peace and joy no matter where they are on their journey”

Reader Testimonials are an excellent means of learning how others feel about this book. Take a look at what Sarah, a Verified Reader, has to say, “I wish I had read when I was a single woman, but now I can share what I’ve learned with my single friends! Pieces of the Perfect Man is a wonderful book written with ALL women in mind. Dr. Dunn’s delivery style is easy to read, super relatable, and full of valuable information on relationships and how to bag the entire man! You will NOT be disappointed!”

T. Dolet., a Verified Reader says, “This book was one of the best that I have read in some time. Very informative. Very empowering. Whether you are single or married, this book provides useful information. I strongly recommend purchasing this book. Dr. Dunn, I thank you for this book and the motivation that I now have to simply be and expect the very best!” 

About The Author: 

Dr. Valarie Dunn has experienced the complete cycle of relationships from single, married, divorced, dating, and married again. She is no stranger to education earning her Doctoral degree of Education and has always had a natural heart for educating and empowering women. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to maintain several successful businesses where she has mentored and advised women on getting established in their business ventures.  She is now happily married with a beautiful family.

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