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This book is a manual or pocket guide for people who are either founding or scaling a startup or thinking of founding a startup. Great tips and guidelines from real-life experience. 

Rotterdam, Netherlands, December 9, 2019, It is no secret that the vast majority of new startups fail within their first year. Sadly, it doesn’t have to be that way. Being an Entrepreneur in and of itself does not make a person qualified to found a startup. There is no shame in seeking knowledge and/or advice from those whom have proven themselves to be successful in such endeavors. In America, there is a saying which is a shortcut to success: Use “OPB” or Other Peoples Brains. Why not? It makes a lot of sense, after all, nothing wrong with saving money by NOT learning the hard way and making a myriad of mistakes along the way.

The new book by Patrick Noel Daly,  – “Just Start Up: A Guide to Building Startups From An Entrepreneur Who Has Learned the Hard Way”, hits the nail on the head. It is just what was needed to save many a floundering founder much misery. Indeed, Patrick Noel Daly has proven himself a master wordsmith. Readers of his new book have commented that they felt as if the author was sitting in a room with them reading from his book.

This book is divided into some in-depth key chapters: Business and Start-Ups, The Do NOTS in Business Start-Up and Development, More Key Tips In Business Start-Up and Development and Your Success and Health. Patrick Noel (known as Noely) provides initial advice absolutely free of charge. He likes giving something back and genuinely enjoys helping startups and entrepreneurs.

Patrick has been building products, technologies and businesses for over 20 years, particularly in medical devices and healthcare, sleep technologies, aerospace, but with involvement in many other sectors also. He travels the world to help businesses and companies to fill a gap in their range and, to drive new sales.

During a recent interview, Patrick made these comments, “I’ve seen just about everything in the business and startup world. I’ve had ups and downs, the highs and the lows. I’ve dealt with winners and had some great employees, colleagues, and friends along the way, but also had to deal with unscrupulous businesspeople. When dealing with shady people I’ve had to work hard to out-fox and outdo them. Nasty shark-like people exist in this world, so you need to know one when you see one if you want to survive in business. Do not start out with a negative attitude though. Always start with a positive attitude and give people the benefit of the doubt.”

About The Author: 

Icon Global Innovations is led by Patrick Noel Daly, a Serial Entrepreneur and Product Inventor. He was Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Ireland in 1999. Patrick has built 4 startups over 20+ years. He has also invented multiple products in IT, Medical, Consumer and other sectors. Patrick writes his own patents and has generated a stable of IP’s which he licenses to companies around the world on a win/win basis. Patrick loves to help businesses of all sizes to succeed and to win.

For complete information on Patrick’s firm, visit: http://www.icon-innovations.com

Patrick’s Blogs and Podcasts can be seen here, http://www.juststartuppodcast.com/

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