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Inspired by the desktops of Android, Chrome OS and iOS, he created “Homey” as a workspace for Google Chrome. Bookmark Manager and All-In-One Search Bar.  Synchronize with multiple devices. Critically acclaimed on Reddit channels.

Energodar, Ukraine, December 10, 2019, It has been many, many years since there has been a significant change to the Home Page of Chrome or any of the major browsers. Everybody with a computer has seen that there could be improvements made to these browser home pages to make them more user friendly and enjoyable to interact with.

Well, a web developer from the Ukraine, Alexander Ostapenko, had a better idea and has introduced the next generation of Home/Start Pages for browsers. His new App called “Homey” has been critically acclaimed by all who have reviewed it. Simply because it works better while being easy to use at the same time.

Some of the Features and Benefits of Homey include:

  • Bookmark Organizer: Keep all your favorite sites handy.
  • Smart Search: Search the Internet and bookmarks at the same time.
  • Live Wallpapers: Automatically changing Wallpapers that inspire you every day.
  • Useful widgets: Weather, notes and motivational quotes will always be useful.
  • Select custom search engine.

Here is an actual screenshot:

Alex was inspired with the idea to build a start page that looks more similar to the desktop of Chrome OS or an iOS tablet, where bookmarks will look more like applications in a smartphone rather than hyperlinks. Also, it would be cool to always be able to make a quick note and have a comprehensive search bar to find bookmarks, history and the Internet. Alex has a great video that shows why this App is superior to any other similar App, and can be seen here.

For complete information about the “Homey” App, visit: http://homey-app.online/

Media Contact:

Alexander Ostapenko
Attn: Media Relations
Energodar, Ukraine