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The Eatease concept offers consumers a solution to on-the-go food consumption by allowing them to creatively combine perfect portions for balancing nutrition. When finished, the container collapses and conveniently stows away in any bag, cabinet or drawer. Eatease containers are made from sustainable material and built to last. 

Wall Township, New Jersey, December 12, 2019, Next time you’re at the office, take a look around at lunch time. Such a variety of container sizes, types and materials. What you are seeing has been the norm for so many years, even in light of the downsides. People don’t seem to care about the fact that they are eating from containers that are made with cancer causing materials. They are also accustomed to carrying multiple containers of different sizes just to get one meal to the office. How about the notion that too large a container makes it easy to get stuffed?

It was time for a paradigm shift in the way people prepare and transport their foods to the workplace. Eatease.com has launched their new site which offers a well-thought solution. Not only have they eliminated containers made from carcinogenic materials, they have also incorporated the most successful method of dieting – Portion Control.

Eatease’s Patent Pending design gives consumers the flexibility to mix and match perfectly portioned containers in order to balance nutrition and meet their individual goals. A quick look at some of the features and benefits show why Eatease is the next generation in meal prep:

  • Balanced Nutrition: Balancing portion size is key to successful nutrition. It doesn’t mean eating less food. Instead, it means enhancing awareness around the amount of important food groups and nutrients you do consume.
  • More Variety: Through the Eatease patent pending design, you can finally bring all your meal prep ideas. You have the freedom to heat portions of your food, while leaving others cold. Then, enjoy as one complete meal.
  • Durable and Lightweight: Leave bulky and heavy glass containers at home. With their durable and lightweight lunchbox, you can be confident in conveniently transporting anything without leaks or cracks…and they mean anything.
  • Convenient Storage: Everyone gets frustrated by the multiple containers taking up space in their kitchens. Every Eatease container collapses to an inch for maximum storage and a more convenient carrying size.
  • Non-Toxic: Traditional plastic containers produce harmful chemicals that can leach into Every Eatease container is made with 100% platinum silicone and non-toxic material. BPA Free – No Lead – No PVC – No Phthaletes.

During a recent interview, Stephen Longo, Founder of Eatease, made these comments, “We must have a higher purpose. We imagine a world in which every human has the opportunity to live a nourished life and a future full of health and wellness. We imagine a world where every man, woman and child are empowered to innovate in service of advancing human health and come together to positively impact our planet.”

Eatease believes in giving back to the community: With every product sold Eatease donates 1% of profits to its cause, Action Against Hunger, in an effort to free the world from hunger.

For complete information, please visit: https://goeatease.com/

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