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This guidebook is going to provide all of the skills, tips, and tricks that are needed to take that debt and write it off in no time. 

Seward, Nebraska, February 1, 2020, Out of the thousands of new book releases that are published every year, very few have the potential to actually change lives. One crucial area of interest is financial debt and how to get rid of it. After all, being in debt is like having a dark cloud over your head from morning till night. Many people just do not know how to handle this problem and sink into deep depression and despair.

Chelsey Thompson has just published a book that can change all that and turn peoples’ lives around. From debt ridden to debt free. Her new book – “The 2020 Budgeting Bible – The Ultimate Guide To Budgeting and Being Debt Free in 2020”, explains exactly how to approach this problem in such a way as to get results, all without giving readers a false promise of overnight results. The book is like a blueprint on what steps to take to get a budget on paper and clear-up the debt that has been around for years.

“The 2020 Budgeting Bible” is actually a guidebook and offers a look at many of the topics that readers need to know in order to wake up, take back control over their finances, and more. Some of the topics that are discussed when it comes to budgeting includes:

  • The main reasons for being debt free.
  • A look at being intentional with your money and your debts.
  • Taking a good hard look at where your finances are right at this moment.
  • How to map out your financial plan to see the most access.
  • Learning that there is a way to accelerate your debt payoff so you can finally be free.
  • How to avoid common money traps that get in your way.
  • A look at how to invest your money wisely so you can earn even more with less work.
  • Being in control over your income, instead of letting it control you.
  • Easy methods that make paying off debt
  • Simple ways to cut down on your bills, without having to give up everything and sell the children.
  • A look at early retirement and how it CAN be possible.

Chelsey designed this book to help readers learn how to create a budget, what percentage of their income should be added to each category, and how to add in some fun so budgeting doesn’t become a bore. This guidebook expands into some of the best methods of paying off debt, the importance of dealing with retirement so you can enjoy your golden years, how to pay of student loans, and even a look at minimalist budgeting to keep finances in order while still enjoying life.

For complete information, visit: https://www.budgetingbible.com

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