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“Mastering Efficiency and Productivity: How To Run Your Life and Business Like a Billion Dollar Company”. Wielding a combination of detailed strategies and broad stroke theories, this book is designed to improve the life and impact of employees, founders, and organizations everywhere. 

Cave Creek, Arizona, February 2, 2020, Out of the thousands of books that are published every year, every once and a while there appears a book that can truly make a difference in the lives and businesses of a huge amount of people. Christopher Oosthuisen is a 22-year old entrepreneur who has penned a book that is creating a new paradigm in how to become super-efficient in your personal life as well as in your business.

His recently released book, “Mastering Efficiency and Productivity: How To Run Your Life and Business Like a Billion Dollar Company”, is creating shockwaves throughout the self-improvement industry. He has proven himself to be a master wordsmith as his new book describes each stage in implementing systems and processes from planning, creation, and documentation. He also looks into the future of automation for business and the role that AI will play in the next decade.

Readers have commented that this book is like a Master Blueprint on living a life and running a business at the highest imaginable level of efficiency. Chris also analyzes critical departments that directly affect the work output of a company. The big takeaway from this book is that just because a company is making money does not mean that it could not multiply its bottom line many times over by taking a tighter control of its operations and instituting the ideas set forth by this author.

After all, it makes sense to learn and follow the ideas and practices from those entrepreneurs who have proven themselves to be the leaders of the pack. In this book, Chris enumerates the step-by-step method of how to find efficiency in your life and work. Then, he explains how to utilize that increase in efficiency to become exponentially productive. This can lead you to achieve your wildest dreams faster than you could possibly imagine.

During a recent interview, Chris made these comments, “Is there anyone or anything that shouldn’t be more efficient or productive? What if you just work a 9-5 job that will pay you the same, whether you help ten customers or 100? What if your business is already booked so far out in advance that it doesn’t matter if you get through 2 clients today or 20? The truth is: efficiency and productivity are the two cornerstones that drive growth. Whether it’s personal or commercial growth, you can’t reach your full potential until you have mastered both.”

About The Author:

Christopher Oosthuisen is a 22-year old entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona. Since he became #1 in the nation for shooting sports at the age of 16, efficiency has played a vital role in his success. Since then, Christopher has founded 6 companies and still runs 4. He also currently hosts a podcast and produces a few others. His main passion is in the fields of deep tech with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in entrepreneurship and now works with companies looking to scale and grow with his company, Svperhuman. He hopes that each person reading this book walks away with actionable strategies to improve their day to day lives while achieving their life-long dreams.

For complete information, please visit: http://www.Svperhuman.com/book

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