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ODIE Pet Insurance is a direct-to-consumer, pet health insurance program with a focus on delivering a modern, technology-based insurance solution for pet parents nationwide. 

Agoura Hills, California, February 7, 2020, It is no secret that the cost of healthcare is an ever-increasing phenomenon. The same holds true for medical care for pets. In fact, it can be quite devastating to a pet parent to have to make the choice of paying bills or putting their beloved pet to sleep. After all, a pet is a family member and pet parents want the best medical care that is available for their pet.

This is why David Thorson, CEO and Co-Founder, and his son Miles Thorson, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, started ODIE Pet Insurance. As loving pet parents, they understood the need and incredible benefits that pet insurance can offer. Just like with a human care, no one should have to make difficult medical choices for their pet dependent on their income status.

When looking for pet insurance for their dogs a few years ago, they noticed the existing pet insurance products in the marketplace were continuously raising premium rates and lacked transparency further lowering consumer trust. Already operating a 3rd generation specialty insurance platform, they thought they could do it better. They took their 30 years of insurance expertise and created a digital pet insurance product made for modern-day pet owners.

During a recent interview, Miles Thorson, Co-Founder of ODIE, made these comments, “The need for Americans to carry pet insurance, whether purchased through ODIE or not, is only growing. Too many pet parents today are often put in a position to choose between the well-being of their pet and their personal finances. With that in mind, we want people to know that ODIE was born out of our love of pets and a passion for solving real customer needs within insurance.”

He goes on to say, “We offer the biggest selection of coverage options providing a ton of flexibility for the consumer. Our product is designed to reduce the pet owner’s out-of-pocket expense. For example, purchasing prescription medications directly from the vet is very expensive. We have over 950 medications covered by our optional take home prescription medication coverage so that pet owners don’t have to worry about those costs.”

Their ability to pivot and offer the best, up-to-date insurance comes from owning the entire process. They aren’t limited by a specific carrier or partner that hinders what they do. ODIE has a variety of carrier partners allowing them to create the best options for every budget and improve their offerings.

Some Features & Benefits of ODIE’s plans:

  • Affordable and Customizable Plans
  • 5-Day Online Claims Processing
  • No Enrollment Fees
  • Optional Office Visit and Exam Fee Coverage
  • Optional Routine Care Coverage – Wellness Plan
  • No Upper Age Limits and No Breed Restrictions
  • Choose Your Own Vet
  • 24/7 Self-Service Portal

Optional Coverage is available: Office Visits/Exam Fees, Rehab, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic Care, Take Home Prescription Medications and Routine Care.

For complete information, visit: https://odiepetinsurance.com/

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