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Ideal for rejuvenating whole-body muscles. Suitable for different people including professional athletes. Targeted to not only help improve performance before a workout session, but also to help promote recovery immediately after an intense workout. 

San Dimas, California, February 18, 2020, Massage Therapy has long been accepted as an excellent method of achieving muscle recovery, as well as for rehab of soft-tissue injuries. It has mostly been a mixture of hands-on techniques. This is the Digital Age and now is the time to usher in the next generation of massage therapy techniques.

PULSEFLX has recently introduced their unique Massage Gun featuring Muscle Recovery Pulse Technology. It is so effective that is already being embraced by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Fitness / Gym Trainers. It is now available for anybody who would like to take advantage of modern technology and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to muscle recovery and pre-workout muscle activation.

An excellent device to keep in the gym bag for both prehab and rehab. Here are some of its features and benefits:

  • CUTTING EDGE 30 SPEED TECHNOLOGY: Choose between 30 different vibration speeds to find the best fit for your muscles. The New Age Recovery PULSEFLX Massage Gun goes up to 3200 RPM, allowing for maximum muscle relief.
  • 6 DETACHABLE HEADS: Change up the massager’s head and speed levels to more precisely target different muscle groups. The ergonomic handle, power push button and articulating head allow you to reach every muscle, scar tissue, back, neck, foot, leg, knot, thigh, hip and arm.
  • SUPER SILENT HIGH SPEED: Use the New Age Recovery Massage Gun before and after your workout to help activate and recover muscles effectively with very LOW MINIMAL SOUND.
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: The New Age Recovery PULSEFLX Massage Gun lasts up to EIGHT (8) hours of massage use on a single charge. This varies based on the vibration setting used most frequently on the massage gun.
  • PERFECT GIFT WITH FREE WARRANTY: Customer satisfaction is paramount. PULSEFLX provides a 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee & 2-Years Quality Manufacturer Warranty. It is a perfect gift for men and women, boyfriends & girlfriends, husbands & wives, the elderly, dads & moms and anyone who loves sports.

Regardless of your fitness level, budget or where you are in your rehab plan, PULSEFLX places targeted massage therapy at the forefront of your healing program. PULSEFLX is offering a financial plan that is designed to set you up with simple-to-follow, monthly payments, no hidden fees, and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “We strive to make our products accessible to all athletes – from amateur to professional. If you have the desire to get better, recover faster, and focus on the health of your body, PULSEFLX wants to present you with a product to do just that. With a team of great minds and elite athletes’ experiences from all over the world, we developed the targeted-massage-therapy gun, taking the world onto a renowned recovery journey—one muscle at a time.”

User Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Eddie Gonzalez, a Verified Customer, has to say, “This is the #1 Therapeutic Massaging Gun in the World. Every time I use it after the gym, I feel like a new man.”

Carol & Jack W., Verified Customers, had this to say, “My wife and I were hesitant in the beginning to buy any of these types of devices. As an elderly couple, we continuous get leg and arm pains due to arthritis. PULSEFLX helped fix and relieve our pains. Its different adjustment levels help control the pulse levels so that it would not be too strong. I recommend this to all older adults.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.pulseflx.com/

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