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Written for  young people, this book covers the daily struggles they are forced to confront head-on. Provides enlightenment and another dimension to their insights. 

San Antonio, Texas, February 24, 2020, Amongst the thousands of books that are published every year, there are a small number that can actually make a difference in people’s lives. Young people are a segment of society that are drifting away from the spiritual side and becoming engulfed in the digital age. It is no secret that growing-up is not easy. Giving in to temptations is the easy way out. Escaping into PC Gaming is another escape route, but these are not the way of the Lord.

Child of Elohim has recently released his new book and workbook that can really be an eye opener for the nation’s youth. “Faithful Are The Youth: A Biblical Reflection On Their Daily Life-Struggles” shows the way for young folks to get on the spiritual path and conquer the negative obstacles that are like a brick wall in their struggle to evolve.

Whether they are dealing with Self-Esteem and Body Image, Emotional Health, Self-Identity, Depression and Suicide, Eating Disorders, Teen Pregnancy, Single-Parent Households, Child Abuse, Bullying, Peer and Parental Pressure, Competition, Poverty, Cyber Addiction, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, or Premarital Sex, “FAITHFUL ARE THE YOUTH” and “FAITHFUL ARE THE YOUTH Workbook” are the self-help guides to receiving God’s resolve.

Make no mistake about it, self-help involves the “Self”, meaning change does not take place by osmosis, it calls for the reader’s interaction, which is why the author included a Workbook. Here we have a vehicle to help young people understand and accept what they have read in the book.

This biblical platform to supporting our Youth offers:

* An explanation of each struggle.
* An interpretation of applicable biblical scriptures and how they apply.
* A written prayer section for readers to follow, unique to each struggle.
* A six-step guide to building a relationship with God.
* Related scriptures at the end of each chapter to provide relevance.
* Listing of professional help resources specific to each struggle.
* Written exercises to reinforce what is covered in the main book.

About The Author:

Child of Elohim (COE) was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, where he spent 14 years before moving to Gaithersburg, Maryland. COE finished high school in Maryland before enlisting in the military and moving to the big State of Texas. COE is a follower of Christ, advocate for fighting world poverty, husband, and father to 4 beautiful children. COE first became interested in becoming an author while volunteering as a youth mentor. Following Elohim’s calling and assuming the responsibility of mentoring the Youth is at the core of COE’s inspiration. In 2016 he received a Doctorates Degree and continued his pursuit of mentoring the Youth. FAITHFUL ARE THE YOUTH and FAITHFUL ARE THE YOUTH Workbook are COE’s debut books.

For complete information, visit: www.Amazon.com/Child_of_Elohim

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