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Shannon Daley announces release of “JOY: 10 DAYS, 10 WAYS: Your Joy, Your Journey” – New book enlightens readers how to let Joy stream into the consciousness. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 27, 2020, JOYELY is thrilled to announce their soft launch with the announcement of an extraordinary event to be held in Las Vegas on February 29, 2020. This inaugural event is also celebrated with the release of Shannon Daley’s new book “JOY: 10 DAYS, 10 WAYS: Your Joy, Your Journey”. Here is a book that offers a blueprint to the path of letting Joy stream in your life 24-hours a day.

In the midst of this Digital Age with its 24-hour news cycle, it is easy to be distracted by negative news and images. People forget how to open their hearts and minds to accepting the Joy that is all around them. The Sunset, the birth of a Newborn, the look from a loved one, the pure Joy shown in the laughter of children, and on and on. Take a moment to let the Joy stream into your very Soul, and Shannon’s new book will certainly help.

During a recent interview, Sheryl Lynn, Founder of JOYELY, made these comments, “Joy is a love affair with every aspect of our human hearts. But how can we get more of it? Much of the time, joy seems to come upon us spontaneously. But can you imagine what would happen if it could be cultivated?”

She goes on to say, “There is a way. It’s called the JOYELY Formula. It works because when you break it down, joy is a process. Rather than an arrival point, joy is a fluid interaction with the full spectrum of our experiences. Joy is instantaneous. First, we consider what has brought us joy in the past. Then we can go about bringing more of that experience into our lives.”

The Mission of JOYELY.com is quite clear: “JOYELY does joy. Pure and simple. For individuals just starting their journey, it’s about finding their joy. For those along their way, it’s about being their joy. And for those with clear messages and resounding lessons they’ve learned along their way, it’s about sharing their joy. It is the Mission of JOYELY to promote growth on an individual level in group settings from the seeking and finding, to the being and doing, all the way to the sharing.”

JOYELY is a digital platform based on real-life gatherings of growth-minded individuals, and the message shared in all components to use joy as our greatest navigation tool. Everybody is invited to come together and share the Joy:

  • Location: RYK Yoga Studios, 8450 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 109 Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Date: February 29, 2020
  • Time: Gather at 6:30 PM with Event: 7-9 PM

This very special event features:

  • A Leap Year Expansion meditation with Cosmin Mahadev Singh
  • A presentation of the vision of JOYELY which includes how you can participate in the JOYELY platform, and the unveiling of their secret sauce

Finally, they will wrap up with the JOYELY signature VIP After Party featuring Patrick Conrad Lacroix, a Haitian-American performing artist, choreographer, world dance specialist, singer, chef, and philanthropist who will dance and sing. Special Guests include Natasha Charlesworth and Carlos Mendoza, both prominent Las Vegas, NV business owners.

Don’t sit on the sidelines dwelling in negativity, come together and be part of a movement that the world has not seen before ……… to spread and share and let pure Joy enter your very being.

For complete information on the JOYELY movement, visit: https://joyely.com/

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