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Even a 22,000 sq. ft. home with its expansive spaces can lack the beauty and kinetic movement that only a magnificent 900-gallon aquarium can provide. 

Los Angeles, California, February 27, 2020, When taking a stroll through an immaculate private estate home, take a seat in the opulently furnished great room. Look around and it can be felt that this is a static space. The “before” and “after” of adding an aquarium from Infinity Aquarium Design is a real eye opener. The colors of the fish and the coral reefs coupled with the movement of the water adds an element of life to the space that makes an unmistakable improvement. This is actually a great therapy for the human spirit.

The fact is that it is so much more than just an aquarium. It is the marriage of “Art” and “Science” joined with the technical knowhow that only comes with years of experience. Knowing which fish to provide and what type of aquatic flora to include is not the result of guesswork. Founder Nic Tiemens heads-up a team of specialists that is unrivaled in this industry.

Featured Project:

Infinity is featuring a stunning aquarium in this press release of a recent project in an exclusive country club community of Los Angeles. At the center of the main floor great room is a 900-gallon saltwater aquarium with a Coral Reef Insert that is home to dozens of tropical fish from around the world. The objective was to create a focal point within the great room that would encourage conversation and entertain guests.


  • Custom acrylic rectangle – 96”L x 36”W x 60”H
  • Custom local and remote filtration system
  • Complete remote monitoring device with full water parameter reporting, leak detection, emergency shut off, and worldwide smart alert
  • Programmable L.E.D. lighting system with daylight and moonlight effects

Infinity Aquarium Design offers a complete range of professional aquarium services. Here is a partial list of available services:

  • Determining Environment: The first thing discussed is what type of aquarium you prefer, freshwater tank or reef tank.
  • Site Survey: A team member meets with you to help determine where to place your aquarium.
  • System Design: During the design stage, the work area is inspected to ensure it is appropriate for running plumbing and electrical and that the floor is structurally sound to take the weight of the aquarium.
  • Fabrication: Infinity uses only the highest quality acrylic and glass in your aquarium for better strength and durability as well as aesthetics. In the onsite workshop they can bend and mold your aquarium into any size and shape, giving you endless possibilities. Seams are molecularly bonded – not sealed with resins that can deteriorate over time – to extend the life of your aquarium.
  • Installation: No matter how small or large the project, they leave you with a quality piece of work. Whether your aquarium is going to be in-wall or free standing, in a home or a business, and whether the filtration is underneath the tank or 50 yards away, their team will deliver your desired results – GUARANTEED! 

Infinity guarantees the workmanship of every installation for the life of your aquarium. If you ever experience problems caused by design, fabrication, or installation, they’ll come out immediately to make it right.

For complete information, visit: https://infinityaquariums.com/

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