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While other kids his age are playing games on their mobile devices and spending hours on social media, Faiz remains focused on attaining success and seeing how far he can go. If the “Sky Is The Limit”, Faiz will reach beyond the limits.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, March 3, 2020, Faiz Imran is a young man that has added a new paradigm to the idea of becoming a serial entrepreneur. His story should inspire other young folks to strive to be the best they can be, to reach for the stars as he has. In fact, Faiz not only reached for the stars, he has scooped them up.

Let’s face it, how many young people while still in High School can claim to have amassed a multi-million-dollar fortune in various business ventures? Surely, the answer is that not many have, it is a rare phenomenon. It takes a certain type of individual, male or female, with a powerful drive, to accomplish such a feat. It also takes an individual that is aware of their limitations and is always working on expanding them.

Such is the case with Faiz Imran who is building a Digital Empire that will be the envy of every businessperson many times his age. So how has he done such a thing? From the age of 9, Faiz has been an avid entrepreneur, from selling fidget spinners to pop sockets, to even candies at school, he has always had the entrepreneurial spirit.

Faiz’s rise to fame was with his startup “Everscent” a fragrance releasing apparatus that released fragrance on the user as they moved – automatically. He launched on Kickstarter and ended up selling to a private licensing/acquisitions company before the campaign even finished.

He then took a look back and tried to break down what made “Everscent” into a success and realized it was the marketing. Faiz learned everything he could and used his knowledge on building websites to then create Fismma. Faiz started by building a free website for his friends and family and then leveraging those to get small gigs. Over time he started getting larger and larger projects and then expanded out to doing social media work along with the websites.

Fast forward to 2020 and Faiz has built up a team of 120 individuals of which 7 are full time and Fismma is now a full-service Digital Agency that helps businesses grow using the best in class digital resources. Fismma has also built up a large social media network and even has some large content accounts of its own.

The future looks bright for Faiz. He is working on a new social media platform called “CLIQ” with some the largest names and heaviest hitters in not only the entrepreneurial space, but also the sports industry. The app is still taking new investments in its funding round at a multi-million-dollar valuation and is going to be successfully closing the first round in the coming weeks.

During a recent press conference, Faiz made these comments, “Many people put me down and doubted me, even a lot of people I used to have respect for. I’ve heard the phrase, “What do you know? Your just a kid” and “You need to be realistic and stop dreaming about non-sensible things” countless times and every time I hear them, it just motivates me and reminds me that though I may already have made more money than these individuals that are 45+, I am just getting started and until I can walk into any room and not have to introduce myself, I wouldn’t have even come close to my final goal.”

The bottom line in this true-story is that anyone interested in achieving business-growth beyond their wildest dreams should contact Faiz Imran right away.

For complete information, visit: https://www.faizimran.com/

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