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Farms in The USA Are Under Scrutiny To Monitor Carbon Emissions. Boson Developed Affordable Powertrain Solutions To Replace Diesel Based Vehicles. 

Fremont, California, March 3, 2020, A major global concern are Carbon Emissions and farmers in the USA have been using Diesel Powered drive trains which are well known for spewing out environmental pollutants. While there has been much talk about finding an “Affordable” solution for farmers to employ, not much action on the subject has taken place.

That is until now. BOSON Motors, headquartered in California, is leading the way in introducing an affordable alternative power train for farm vehicles. Boson Motors was founded in 2017 by Arun Seelam, CEO, and Co-Founder Suri Bhupatiraju.

Their Mission was to empower farmers with intelligent automatable farm utility vehicles. Arun along with a team of engineers developed the first prototype in May 2017, since then they have been continuously refining the product to final commercial launch in 2020. Arun and Suri have together developed the computer vision-based ambient environment perception software and deployed it in their vehicles.

During a recent interview, Arun made these comments, “Farms in the USA are under increasing regulatory scrutiny to monitor their carbon emissions. Me and my team have developed an affordable powertrain solution to replace diesel vehicles. Farms operate at very low margins, and our ground-breaking new technology provides a way to move to sustainable electric vehicles and a  unique opportunity to deploy clean-tech and advanced imaging to improve crop yields and help workers to work in a safe environment.”

Arun is incidental in developing both an electric powertrain and integrating it with affordable farm utility vehicles. These vehicles are powered by a powerful computer vision processing hardware and findings are uploaded to a cloud platform for further analysis. This is surly the next generation of farming. Boson is partnering with a California based farm vehicle OEM to commercially launch to selected farms in the next few months.

Boson’s entry into Eco Friendly Farm Vehicles with an exclusive OEM partner provides farms and warehouses with a high-quality option to deploy smart, durable and rugged vehicles.

For complete information, visit: https://www.bosonmotors.com/

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