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 Lilith is a very vocal influencer who discusses weight discrimination, health, plus size community groups, and other issues on a regular basis. 

Seattle, Washington, March 7, 2020, People should be judged by what is in their heart and by the things they profess. As the saying goes, “Don’t Judge a Book By It Cover”. Some people are very large and some are very thin. Society ostracizes people for being on either side of the bodyweight spectrum. This is a prejudice as bad as condemning a person because of the color of their skin.

Lilith Fury is a large woman and a Plus Size Model, currently representing Hot Topic. She makes no bones about it and has met this head-on for many years. Lilith is an inspiration for all plus sized women around the globe. She proves that they do not have to stay in the shadows but should step out into the light to pursue their dreams.

Lilith has accomplished many things that other straight sized models could only dream of. Her acting resume is legendary and she has been the subject of many articles, such as this one on Bold Magazine. She wants to be the voice for all those plus sized ladies that dare not speak out about their weight.

During a recent interview, Lilith made these comments, “I’m not here to be popular, and create some fake persona that will be more palatable to the masses. I’m here to help bring about a change, and that takes being my authentic self. You can’t hate yourself into someone you’ll love.”

She goes on to say, “Like I’ve said before, my main goal is to normalize fat bodies. In order to do so, it’s critical to not kick the ladder out once you start climbing to the top. There’s plenty of room for everyone. Because of this, I’ve decided to start sharing any casting calls I hear of for movies, modelling, voice acting, etc. If I hear of a brand looking for people to collaborate with, then I will share that info with those who need it most (e.g., unknown names that are just starting out).”

Lilith is a very active influencer and her YouTube Channel has many videos that cover her interests and have been helpful to thousands of people. Lilith has a store on Teepublic.com and features some very unique and exciting designs. Here you will find: Adult Apparel, Kids Apparel, Home Goods, Wall Art, Notebooks, Mugs, Pillows, Totes, Tapestries and more.

For complete information and/or to book Lilith, visit: https://www.cenobitelilith.com/

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