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World’s 1st Hand Sanitizing Door Handle Makes Guarding Against The Coronavirus Easy, Intuitive and Accessible.

Washington, DC, March 9, 2020, – OpenClean™ Technologies today announced that the first batch of their brand new TurnClean™ product is ready for sale. TurnClean™ is a hand sanitizing dispenser that fits over and integrates with existing turn door handles to make hand sanitization at the doorway easy and intuitive. TurnClean joins the company’s well-established PullClean™ product – a ‘pull’ door handle that features an integrated hand sanitizer dispenser that is already fitted in universities, restaurants and hotels across the country. The Company hopes to offer businesses additional protective measures for their customers and staff against the threat of the new Coronavirus, COVID19.

Business owners are rightly concerned about the effect of this new pathogen on the health of their staff, customers, and of course, their profits. Companies that depend on regular footfall face huge losses as customers avoid public spaces, while offices face massive disruption due to sick leave and self-isolation. OpenClean Technologies’ hand sanitizing door handle products allow restaurant diners, hotel guests, office workers, hospitality staff, athletes, coaches, and students the chance to sanitize their hands as they open doors, adding additional layers of protection against COVID19.

The CDC has advised that existing hand hygiene policies apply to this new outbreak. They recommend washing your hands with soap and water and using at least 60% alcohol hand sanitizer where this isn’t available. Of course, in busy shared spaces, it is not possible to always wash hands at a sink, and this is where the OpenClean™ products offer a solution. The TurnClean™ and PullClean™ door handles, use a ‘behavioral design,’ which means they combine the action of opening the door with the act of sanitizing hands, making hand sanitization easier. The patented designs encourage hand sanitization at the point of entry into areas where users may interact with other people or touch shared surfaces.

This is important because the larger family of coronaviruses that have affected humans prior to the emergence of COVID19 can remain on hard surfaces. Recent work published in The Journal of Hospital Infection show that coronaviruses can survive for days. The PullClean and TurnClean handles address this problem by providing sanitizer as the door is opened, which transforms door handle touch points into an opportunity to sanitize hands. OpenClean™ products are already installed in hospitals, restaurants, universities and hotels around the US.

OpenClean™ Technology CEO Jon Horbaly said, “Our founding principle is to make hand sanitization easier. By installing our TurnClean and PullClean door handles, business owners can offer their workers and customers more opportunities to sanitize their hands and keep themselves and others safe from infections.”

The Company has offered to help businesses step up their response to the new infection and will offer advice on placement of OpenClean™ products so as to maximize rates of hand sanitization. Jon Horbaly said, ’We believe we can help put sanitizer in more hands and make it harder for germs to spread’.

To use TurnClean™ or PullClean™ door handles: A cartridge is placed in the center of a hollow door handle, which releases a small amount of sanitizer when the black paddles at the base of the units are pressed.  TurnClean™ and PullClean™ sanitizer cartridges are filled with a 70% alcohol solution that meets the specification set by the CDC for protecting against COVID19.  These easy to replace cartridges, which can be purchased from OpenClean’s website or an authorized distributor, contains 420 pumps per cartridge for PullClean™ and 500 pumps per cartridge for TurnClean™.

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About OpenClean Technologies:
OpenClean Technologies, a division of Altitude Medical, is based in Chardon, Ohio.  Dedicated to making hand hygiene simple through innovative ‘behavioral’ designs, OpenClean hand sanitizing door handles encourage people to clean their hands every time they enter and exit a room, making hand hygiene easy and accessible.

For more information, visit https://www.open-clean.com/

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