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“The actions you take, or fail to take, today will determine the results you realize tomorrow.”

Hanson, Massachusetts, March 12, 2020 – Derrick Welch is the acclaimed author of two books that provide business readers the tools needed to dramatically increase profit margins of their companies while also rapidly improving the direction of their careers. Gathered together and offered free, Derrick Welch has chosen some of the most salient pieces from each of his best-selling books: “In Pursuit of Profits: How to at Least Double Your Profits Without Increasing Your Sales” and “Defy Mediocrity: Choose to Be Uncommon; Think of the Alternative.”

The Welch Report is dedicated to providing you the tools you need to dramatically improve the bottom line of your company and the direction of your career.​ It is offered as 28 multiple free PDF downloads, available to all readers. In addition: business media, bloggers, editors, e-zine publishers or anyone else seeking content for magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs or newsletters are welcome to use the articles.

The Welch Report Combines the Best From Both of Welch’s Books. During a recent interview, Derrick made these comments, “Having spent over 3 decades in senior management positions with both large and small companies, I am not someone who has read about what to do or has only told others what to do. I have done what I write about. I have years of hands-on experience in operations, marketing, administration, production, and in just about every other area of business.”

He goes on to say, “I am not an MBA or Ph.D. and while I do have degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, and Management, textbooks and classrooms have not taught me how to dramatically increase the profits of any business or the job stability and career advancement of any employee. Most of what I have learned has been through trial and error. I have worked on the production floor and in the boardroom. I have helped run very successful companies and I have turned around companies that had been bleeding red.” 

The same strategies for creating a significantly more efficient and profitable business and to enhance one’s career that are found in Mr. Welch’s books can also be found in The Welch Report. The Welch Report contains articles such as:

  • How to Double Your Profits Without Increasing Your Sales
  • The Simplicity of Dramatically Increasing the Bottom Line of Your Business
  • Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Using Outside Experts
  • There is More Than one Type of Customer Service
  • 5 Ways to Significantly Increase Your Sales
  • 6 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Purchasing
  • 6 Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Shipping and Packaging Costs
  • The Success Formula Defy Mediocrity
  • The Fear of Failure
  • Questions Are the Key to Success in Business and Life
  • Uncontrolled costs can put you out of business
  • You must walk the talk

Testimonials regarding Derrick Welch’s published works have been overwhelmingly positive:

“Every single chapter in this book is worth a hundred times more than the price of the whole book.” — Edward LaPlant

“Your book changed my professional life. It took me from salesperson, to Manager, Director, to VP, to President.”  Scott Goodspeed, Managing Partner, GCC Partners

“Just one idea from this book added $100,000 to my bottom line!” — Robert Sullivan CEO, Sullivan Brothers

“Using the strategies in this book we were able to reduce our cost of goods sold by over 10 percent. An effective dollar savings of over $350,000, which resulted in a profit increase of over 800 percent.” — William Clay CEO, Walker-Clay Inc.

About Derrick Welch:

A successful entrepreneur and business leader, Derrick Welch has authored two books and multiple articles related to dramatically increasing the productivity and bottom line of modern companies in all industries and the direction of your career. Mr. Welch has over three decades experience as a senior manager. His writing brings his vast expertise to bear on teaching the delicate art of managing a company and enhancing a career.

Learn more at: www.DerrickWelch.com

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