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Tarra is a highly sought-after media spokesperson and international public speaker who has appeared in national television, print and digital media outlets. She brings an informative yet relatable approach to topics like time management, organization, and productivity. 

Ontario, Canada, March 24, 2020, The current Coronavirus Pandemic has caused people to rethink the way they conduct all social aspects of their lives. For many, this means staying at home in order to avoid large crowds of people who may be infected and pass on the COVID-19 Virus. This situation is affecting cultures all over the globe.

What this means is that many people are becoming similar to Freelance Workers, who often work from an office in their home. The notable difference is that experienced Freelance Workers have learned how to manage their time between their working life and their personal life while at home. This can be a daunting task to those people who suddenly find themselves in this situation.

In order to avoid floundering around in a sea of desperation, it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of a trained professional who can show the way in how to become more productive in this new paradigm caused by the pandemic. It’s all about intelligent Time Management, and Tarra Stubbins has led the way in this genre for many years for both celebrities and corporate achievers as well.

Shorten the learning curve and jump into high Time Management gear as she shows you the best tried and proven techniques. Tarra’s mission is to empower people to take back control of their calendars so they can create the lives they’ve always wanted to live.

During a recent interview, Tarra made these comments, “I work with creative entrepreneurs and businesses who need help prioritizing their time to drive towards ultimate success. Together we kick multitasking to the curb and learn how to create actionable steps to become the rock stars we were born to be!”

Tarra shares some Time Management Tips For Working From Home:

  • Keep Your Goals In Mind: Set a goal for the day, week and then plan accordingly. Break your goals into manageable steps that can be accomplished. Small successes will give you the motivation to keep going.
  • Time Block Your Day and Plan Ahead of Time: Take the steps you have written down from your goals and plan at exactly what point in the day you are going to accomplish each task.  Now is not the time to deviate from routines you are used to.
  • Plan Your Day The Night Before: Before bed have a clear understanding of how you are going to spend the day.
  • Avoid Multitasking: Tarra is on a personal mission to kick multitasking to the curb forever! Multitasking does not work.
  • Routine Is Everything: The people who actually achieve their goals create routines. They build systems. Whether it is working from home, an office or an airplane, they consistently take the steps that, in time, will ensure they reach their ultimate goal.
  • A 9 – 5 Office Day May Not Be Needed While Working From Home: While working from home if you sleep in or wait for the 9 – 5 workday to start you are losing productivity. Get up, get dressed and start your day immediately.
  • Start Your Day Like Any Other Day: When setting up your day and routine think about how you would start your day when going to the office. Get up, get dressed, put shoes on and get to work. (Wearing shoes is proven to increase productivity)
  • Create a Paper To Do List: Tarra is a big believer in physically writing your daily to do list onto your calendar and having some sort of physical copy. Whether it is a bullet journal, a white board, a day planner or just a scrap piece of paper on your desk. By having the piece of paper beside you on your desk you can systematically check off your planned-out tasks.
  • Be Aware of the Inbox Black Hole: Tarra strongly suggests setting times for checking and responding to your email. If you need to work out of your inbox, like many other people, then do so, but work through one email at a time. Don’t get stuck multitasking between open tabs and open drafts and open emails.
  • Workspace “Popcorn”: Probably her favorite time management technique when she is working from home. To keep herself on task and from getting bored and therefore procrastinating, she creates a workspace popcorn game. She will complete a series of tasks (depending on how large) from her dining room table, then she will take a break and get up and move to her next workstation where she will complete another series of tasks. She will make sure to move about 3 times a day to keep things interesting.

Managing the personal and professional lives of some of the most successful people on the planet has given Tarra a unique advantage. She has first-hand knowledge of the exact steps these superstars took to rise to the top of their game. The biggest lesson she’s learned is that proper time management and delegation can be a game-changer when it comes to crafting a successful and balanced life.

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