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PRD Media Group wants to help pandemic related companies to get their message out to the public to people know where to get items like: N-95 Masks, Alcohol Sanitizers, TeleHealth Platforms, Protective Face Shields and Body Wear, etc. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 28, 2020, PRD Media Group, the leader in press release writing and global distribution, wants to pitch-in and offer some aid to the community by way of offering a discount to COVID-19 related businesses. This Coronavirus Pandemic is spreading like wildfire and people everywhere are in need of items that can prevent their exposure to the virus. These are unprecedented times and presents a captive audience for online marketers.

PRD Media Group is an established and well respected PR Marketing firm that has produced over 1500 press release marketing campaigns. The PRD professionals will create a huge SEO Footprint on the Internet for your brand and make it easy for search engines to find you. A PR can be written in 24-hours and sent to you for approval.

During a recent interview, Steve Stanley, CEO of PRD Media Group, made these comments, “You can pay more, but you cannot get better results than with us. We are the only PR Marketing firm that Guarantees that your PR will be published on at least 150 News Sites along with Google News. Everything we do is very transparent.”

He goes on to say, “We will give you an actual Submission Report showing the sites in our PR Platform. No surprises. If you ask our competition for a copy of one of their actual Submission Reports, they will direct you to their website where one is posted. This is usually B.S.!”

The cost per published media is really miniscule. PRD also has a database of News Sites, TV and Radio Media all around the USA. A custom targeting package can be incorporated with our basic package which is a great buy and gives you the SEO that you need in order to be competitive on the web. The SEO value is enormous. Besides creating over 750 quality backlinks, there is a tremendous amount of keyword proliferation. Keep in mind that the Internet is Keyword Driven.

This means that to Target certain interest groups, like Dieting, or certain Geographical areas, like Chicago, it is all a matter of using the correct keywords in the correct places in the Press Release.

Steve also commented on a frequent client request, “Everybody would like their articles and press releases published on Forbes, Time, Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffington post etc. The fact of the matter is that unless you are a paid advertiser, chances are slim. These publications/media know that you are trying to get free publicity. All we can do is submit to them, but nobody, and I mean nobody, can guarantee they will publish. If they do, they are lying.”

“I have a better approach. You have a better chance of getting in those publications via the “Back Door”. The Reporters and Writers at those sites are bombarded with press releases and articles sent by a huge amount of people. They see this as PR Spam. This is why Journalists, and others, subscribe to Google News Alerts according to their areas of interests. When a PR is published with keywords that match their interests, they are sent a copy of the PR. This is a very effective method of reaching them and not being deleted from their Inbox.”

The team at PRD Media Group stands ready to launch a PR Marketing promotion that will knock your socks off.

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