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“Dear God, Are We There Yet?” is a means by which social service can be found and offered, both for communities and for individuals. The key characteristic of the initiative is the opportunity to volunteer both in person and virtually, depending on the need of the person. 

Orlando, Florida, March 30, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading like wildfire all around the globe. Life will never be the same again for millions of people. Many locations are locked down and travel is restricted or forbidden. In some places, people are not allowed to leave their homes. This is putting a tremendous amount of stress on people’s lives and they need help. Other people enjoy helping others, they are the “Givers”, and just need the opportunity to do so.

Alicia Sanchez has a well-defined Mission: “Our priority is to be able to promote projects considering the needs, service and welfare of a community. Sensitivity to others is essential in our society. “Dear God, Are We There Yet?” is a mixture of this, our social and spiritual part, which are two essential elements that identify us as human beings.“

People can create an account to post a need and or to volunteer to communicate directly with the person in need avoiding any barriers. This is a direct approach to really impact people one conversation at a time. Example, Alicia is currently sewing masks for doctors in California, maybe an elderly couple needs help on how to automate medicine delivery online, a Spanish couple needs a translator to get benefits for their children. A woman who lost her husband needs therapy, and the list goes on for virtual needs.

During a recent interview, Alicia made these comments, “Whether you are a traveler, a homemaker, or a businessperson, everyone can be part of our community and do their part. We provide tools and make the process easier by connecting with people or communities who have plans or dreams to realize and thus help each other. We are aware of the problems that our environment faces and that is why we want to leave a positive mark on the way. Educating, inspiring and helping is our greatest motivation.”

She goes on to say, ”Dear God, Are We There Yet?” –  “It is a means by which social service can be found and offered, both for communities and for individuals. That is why our passion leads us to seek alternatives that generate impact through small actions, which, over time, will dramatically positively influence our environment. We live in a globalized world, and the experiences that we have today will transform lives that would make us reconnect with our human essence.”

Introducing “Time- Shared Experiences”:  A volunteer experience that gives you an opportunity to cultivate yourself spiritually, intellectually, and physically while giving the most valuable gift ever to communities and non-profits that are in need. This is an opportunity to travel and create positive social change. It all starts with one question and one conversation at a time. Join the waitlist to be the first to know about the upcoming local and international time- shared volunteer opportunities.

Can’t travel? They’ve got you covered because they will also be sharing opportunities on how you can create positive social change right from home without giving a dime!

Get involved, you will be glad you did: https://www.deargodarewethereyet.com/

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