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Unlike the Third and First World countries that divided us, the Fourth World brings thought leaders across the world together to address pressing global challenges. It pushes the boundaries of social innovation and takes a deliberate approach to human evolution. 

Chicago, Illinois, April 4, 2020, With the COVID-19 Pandemic spreading like wildfire across the globe, citizens of the world are forced to view life in a new light. Regulations that we once thought were overburdensome can, in fact, be softened to make expeditious improvements. We see that corporations, focused on monetization can, in fact, have strong contributions to social good. Small businesses are innovating. Technology is pushing its boundaries. When we recover from the pandemic, we will want to see the same progress across the myriad of issues we left on the back burner (i.e., climate change, labor inequality, biological warfare). To see this type of change, we will need a new paradigm. “Humanity, Uploaded” aligns thought-leaders around a new paradigm called “The Fourth World” as it pushes the boundaries of social innovation and takes a deliberate approach to human evolution.

R.E. Allen has just published a groundbreaking book that is a must read for Futurists. “Humanity, Uploaded” examines all the risks faced by humanity and theorizes that The Fourth World will question limits that we once thought were impossible by eventually building technology to help us transcend some of our greatest challenges. In order to accomplish these great feats, the book lays out a path for economic and social restructuring to support “big ideas.” It sets a practical roadmap to achieve once highly conceptualized ideas such as mind uploading, space colonization, and cyborg development.

Author R.E. Allen made these comments, “We need to think broader about the challenges of humanity and question what it will take to achieve our long-term survival. When we do this, we may realize that we probably can’t change everything around us, but we have all the tools we need so that we can change ourselves to adapt.” When discussing Coronavirus, she added, “Most of us couldn’t have guessed that we’d be living in these dystopian conditions. But now, it doesn’t seem that crazy to go the other extreme. I mean, why can’t we make utopia real?”

A Glimpse of What Awaits Readers of “Humanity, Uploaded”:

  • VISION: Part I discusses the origins of humanity and highlights how integration with technology can continue to advance humanity.
  • SOCIETY: Part II proposes how we can reorganize our society to make a few big bets that invest in humanity’s future. 
  • MACHINES: Part III builds a roadmap for adoption of bleeding edge technology.
  • SPIRIT: Part IV takes a perspective on guiding beliefs that will help transition humanity.

You can buy the book on Amazon or your local retailer. 

For complete information, visit: https://www.humanityuploaded.com/the-book

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